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    #117275 The last raise of the sword.

    Posted by Azraelrs on 07 May 2010 - 05:44 PM

    Sites have come and gone, but this site has stayed. October 2006 the site was born and continued to grow through hackings, and multiple server moves. Its unfortunate that all things must end. Sites have spawned based off a little tool they make. Members want a piece of the moderating (which isn't that great), so they leave to join another site which will tumble in due time. The rise of other sites have left iBotModz in the dark. One could blame the lack of development coming from the iBotModz guys, but I don't think thats it. There are an excess of other sites out there, some of which make their mark from attracting little kids who want to boost. They go against the entire form of " modding" and switch to "hacking". Modding to boost was never, and should never be used online. People mod games for fun, not to cheat. A few sites forgot that and instantly attracted the entire crew of little kids wanted a big number next to their name.

    Someone could say, "wtf peach, modding online is the bomb with the 360". I see no value in boosting my gamerscore. Its a bloody number that has no relation to me outside the gaming world. My boss is not going to care that I have 200k gamerscore. Avatar modding is harmless, so I enjoy it. Halo 3 forge mods are harmless, since you cannot go in matchmaking with them.

    Point being, Halo Reach marks the start or end to iBotModz. If Halo: Reach modding explodes, we will go with it and continue to live day by day. If Halo: Reach modding fails miserably and the site ceases to exist, I will cancel the server payments and redirect the domain to a site of my pick. I guess we have to hop the bandwagon of boosting/cheating online, or fail miserably for the time being.

    Also, If anyone remembered HaloMods it finally was shutdown after the poor management destroyed the best Halo 2 site that existed.

    Last point, I have a jtagged xbox now. So I will try and release some tutorials and applications to benefit others as time permits.

    I'm Azraelrs, and I 100% agree with this post. It has always pissed me off when kids think they need to cheat online. I feel (very strongly btw) that you have the right to mod your games offline, hack your GS, anything else that doesn't affect others peoples enjoyment. You have NO right to mod games online. Nothing gives you the right to screw with others enjoyment of a game. Some people aren't like me (and others), they can't just DL and burn a game. Some people work hard (and some kids save their allowances) for a long time, just to get that one game they really want. Or maybe they are even less privileged and only get 1 game a year for Christmas... What right do you have to destroy that? You have none.

    Use MW2 as an example... How many people waited, and saved, and sooo looked forward to it... Then it was completely ruined for them by people cheating online. It's ridiculous.

    Don't screw with others enjoyment... They deserve the right to enjoy the game they bought!

    #116272 Flashing

    Posted by Azraelrs on 19 April 2010 - 11:43 AM

    The iso on your HDD isn't going to work on a non-jtagged 360. And any time you take any modded content online there's a risk of being banned. As far as testing your flash, simply put any game in, retail or copy. If it plays the game, the flash was good.

    #114806 I R Gud Repair'r

    Posted by Azraelrs on 27 March 2010 - 06:46 AM

    Well it seems as though you did a fantastic job on your wife. ;) As for console repair just got mine back, I'm very pleased with Az's performance:

    Posted Image

    See??? I can make some things more awesome!

    #114786 I R Gud Repair'r

    Posted by Azraelrs on 26 March 2010 - 08:47 PM

    No, I do much better work on consoles. I will admit the car was great before I got it and turn it into that piece of crap, but I'm not really good with cars. I do much better with electronics.

    #114766 I R Gud Repair'r

    Posted by Azraelrs on 26 March 2010 - 10:44 AM

    I PM'ed you meh detailz!

    Ignore Azraelrs, he b' stealing meh bizinuss!

    BTW, did I mention I offer FREE Shipping!?! You will still be responsible for the $28,908 packaging and handling charge, but shipping is FREE!!!!

    #114750 I R Gud Repair'r

    Posted by Azraelrs on 25 March 2010 - 08:22 PM

    If you ship them directly to me. I'll do them for $150 per 360 (that's a whole lot cheaper than Slip) and only take 4-5 centuries. BUT I offer a non refundable $500 warranty that covers absolutely nothing!

    Who really offers a better deal here?

    And yes, the fish do smell purple.

    #114748 I R Gud Repair'r

    Posted by Azraelrs on 25 March 2010 - 08:12 PM

    So I offer an affordable repair with the best tools and best methods and everyone hates it, and someone offers a sears heat gun and bed bath and beyond hotplate repair and everyone loves it; unbelievable... <_<

    It's a Lowe's heatgun and a WalMart hotplate. And don't bash me, I wasn't bashing you. I was just making fun of ole Slippy.

    #114715 I R Gud Repair'r

    Posted by Azraelrs on 25 March 2010 - 04:49 PM

    Damn right he's a slave. He's a slave with no leash apparently! Quit now, dog!

    As I was saying, I use motherboards with jasper chipsets and the latest cleaning tech. around!

    Shut your face... before something bad happens

    I would like to add that when I sent mine away to him it took 3 months to be returned, I initially thought this was a very long time but then Dark explained (he's very good at explaining things) that due to the different time zones we live in it was in fact only 5 days it took for me to receive the repaired console.

    It was actually only 2 days, because he got it 4 hours after you shipped, I got it 2 hours later, I fixed it an hour later, tested it for 720 hours, shipped it back to him, and he got it back to you the day after you shipped. Thanks for your business!

    I sent him my ULTRA RROD box and it came back brown, with a smaller hdd and working!! He explained that the weather conditions effected the partition size and the white plastic reacted, turning brown. Very satisfied!!!

    Umm... the weather wasn't the reason for the brown. I fixed yours while I was having a poo. And I noticed that when it got cold that night that the HDD did in fact shrivel up... I dunno why. Thanks for your business!

    #114696 I R Gud Repair'r

    Posted by Azraelrs on 25 March 2010 - 11:01 AM

    sending a 360 now do u use latest methords and expencive equipment if so im in.

    Yes, he does! He simply receives your 360, then he ships to me. I repair it and ship it back to him and he ships it to you and takes all credit for the repair! I get no credit and no money. It's sweet! It kinda reminds me of something else...hmmm.

    #113762 RRoD #2? wtf?

    Posted by Azraelrs on 01 March 2010 - 01:00 AM

    Re-apply the x-clamp? So we can have the same problem again?

    Next time i work on it im gonna check the code, like i always do.

    Sure the x-clamp fix may keep warping it, but if it works why not? lol

    Im gonna check the tightness of bolts, take or add another washer, maybe re-apply the heat sink glue (good stuff this time) and then it should be good.

    edit- Don't tell me the x-clamp fix "doesnt work", because it does. I've fixed a few now, this one being the only trouble.

    Well, I'm gonna tell you... the Xclamp fix doesn't work...no matter what you do with it, it's never a permanent solution. Ever. And each time it reoccurs and you do it over you are just screwing that board over worse and worse. No error in that whole 360 is cause by the X clamps. replacing them is always a cheap temp fix. It helps when there is a short or a bad solder connection, but never fixes the problem, only covers it up for a little while. The factory clamps do a much better job than the screws and washers.

    You haven't "fixed" any of them if you simply did screws and a washers... You just duct taped it for a bit. Just being honest, I do tons of consoles, and sit around and laugh with some repair buddies every time I get one that the previous owner did that to. The general comment is "jesus Christ, I got another one of these screw and washer deals... geeez are they never gonna learn"

    I don't mean any offense, just telling the truth.

    And yes, you can do the screws and washers the proper way and have them work as well as the OG X clamps. Through the cage...

    Screws>cage>metal washer>nylon washer> Board> nylon washer> metal washer> heatsink.

    This of course is only after you've actually repaired the 360.

    Depending on the error code...

    Did you do a low temp oven bake for 6-8 hours to dry the board and unstress it?

    Did you run flux under all chips to clean and renew the solder?

    Did you reflow the chips that were causing the errors?

    ONLY THEN are you ready to put anything back together. If the board sitting on it's own, with power, AV, and an RF board (with a lil Arctic Silver on the chips to prevent immediate overheating) doesn't boot up to the dash just sitting there, you haven't fixed anything. What you are doing is called putting a Band Aid on it.

    BTW, also, if you do use the screws and washers.. Common mistake that ruins lots of 360s... You only ever need to tighten the screws with your fingers. Finger tight is as far as you should ever go, and is as much as is ever needed.

    Just fix it the right way the first time, and it won't happen again. I've done this for a few years now man, just know that if you fix them right, they last a lonnnng time.

    (Again, I'm not bashing you. Just trying to give some accurate info)


    #113436 Aeiiiii, things are dying

    Posted by Azraelrs on 19 February 2010 - 08:45 AM

    Adaptation. It's that simple honestly. Halo is done (sorry, but it's true.. Bungie has started pushing Halo like it is Activision) The coolness effect is gone. You have to adapt to what the "kids" are into these days to stay afloat. It's a constantly changing scene. You change with the times or you get left behind. It's sad but true. You need to be the latest and greatest or you just... won't be. And you need to get/do/accomplish something before everyone else. The Bioshock 2 mods are already out. You guys working on Mass Effect 2? No? Anybody got ahold of Final Fantasy 13 to mod it? No? Still on Halo? Bad. You gotta get that something. Just something to put you ahead to survive. If not, sadly... you're doomed.

    I'm not saying focusing on certain things is bad, but when you become over focused, you lose appeal, and people will wander to where they can find everything you have and more at one place. Attention spans are dwindling. If you can't provide everything everyone is looking for, they WILL go elsewhere.

    *PS* I'm not saying Reach won't sell tons of copies. It will. But I think it's becoming more like Madden/NBA Live/FIFA. They come out every year and still millions of people pay to play the same game they have been playing for years. You aren't gonna buy Reach to see if it's a new game. You're going to buy it to see what has improved. (this comment was not factual. It was an opinion. Go ahead and put your torches out)

    #113213 E71 change into 0022

    Posted by Azraelrs on 13 February 2010 - 10:30 PM

    Why is it so bad to copy and paste? Just wanted to make sure you knew that info ;) And if it is hardware related it would probably be the gpu. Now if your so sure its the southbridge why ask for help here?
    And btw get a life

    And again you post your useless crap on my topic. I know all that. Do you not think if I'm actually asking for other peoples Ideas when it comes to repair that I haven't ran through every repair, checked every resistor, ran over every possible hardware fault in my head and it practice?

    I didn't ask so that I could get common knowledge, I know how this is done. I'm looking for alternative trains of thought. The sensical route isn't fixing it, and I'm not entirely convinced there isn't a software issue since I changed the error code completely before even opening the case. And I asked because I have been through the southbridge and everything else known to man.

    PS, you don't insulate the board on a low temp oven bake. You can cover the plastic inputs if you want, but I've never seen any detrimental effects as long as you have some common sense. Keep it below 180F (I BELIEVE the safe limit/heat tolerance on the plastic caps right around 200~205F and they would be the first things damaged because of how thin they are..

    PSS- The guy who you think is a god, and who you steal all your copy paste stuff from (Willhelm) offered this answer "man, I don't really know. I've only heard of that exact error 3 times, and I've never seen one in person. Good luck."

    Now if you would like to add anything that is not common knowledge and may contribute to my issue, feel free. But if all you are going to do is come here and spout your copy paste job, don't bother.

    #113208 E71 change into 0022

    Posted by Azraelrs on 13 February 2010 - 09:56 PM

    see lol he doesn't know everything about repairs XD
    This error is caused by a bridged/shorting solder joint under the GPU, (H)ANA-chip or in between.It can also be power related though, for example if you are drawing power from one of the regulators that power the GPU and HANA-chip.Can also be a component that is missing or damaged so look for missing parts near the GPU and the HANA chip. In extremely rare cases it might also be related to the lines that lead from HANA to the CPU.
    The chances are however higher that it is the GPU than the HANA chip so you should always first concentrate on the GPU.

    Since your using a heat gun which is uneven air, try it on the side towars the HANA chip. Also did you use any insulation when you low baked it?
    Btw i can always professionally reflow this for you ;)

    thanks for proving your idiocy sir. BTW, that is an excellent copy paste job from xbox-experts. Also, the error truly has absolutely nothing to do with anything you mentioned at... let me try....

    go here and look at the description http://xbox-experts....rcode/E10/0022/ what does it say? Oh, it's your whole post! Geez kid. BTW, you "professional", you should know that if it's anything hardware related (which is the issue since I'm not entirely sure it's not a software issue with the TSOP, especially since the error changed without the case ever being opened) it would be related to the Southbridge above all else. You have to be the dumbest shit I have ever seen. Did that copy past job make you feel smart, cause it surely didn't help prove it. Learn what the hell you are talking about before you come posting more of that dumb shit you read on the internet ever again. Stay off of my posts with your shit spilling wrong copy paste jobs!

    #112835 RROD 360 power brick turns red

    Posted by Azraelrs on 02 February 2010 - 06:46 PM

    And to you HAWKzero, I apologize for the flaming in this thread. It sucks when you come to get help and answers and it just goes nowhere. I do have a problem with this kid spouting off bad info he read somewhere and assumes it is correct. It is very misleading and may cause people to do unnecessary work on their consoles. Basically, here's what to look for...

    The first indicator that it may be the power supply was your power brick going back to red. If that happens, it means it's an error with the brick or the power supply on the 360 itself. Since you tried out multiple power bricks, that kinda eliminates the possibility of it being the brick. Then when you got the secondary code and it was 0001, you almost completely confirmed that was the issue. I'm going to go with the fact that when you positioned it in a certain spot you got power enough to get the secondary code, that you have a loose connection.

    To begin with, look in the outlet on the console and make sure none of the contacts are missing/bent/touching. If that goes well and everything looks good, start looking around the PSU for loose or bridging solder and any resistors that may have shorted. 99% of the time you will find your problem right there with the solder. If it is, you can attempt a reflow on that area, but please be cautious around the resistors and such there. There is a rare chance that it could be a short in your DVD drive power wire or the fan wires. Check all that out. And test different wires if you have them available.

    Hope that helps you.

    #112324 Xbox 360 Smart Repairs

    Posted by Azraelrs on 23 January 2010 - 12:44 AM

    well yeah im legit lol XD and yeah thx

    I would advise anyone be careful dealing with this. Personally I do not know the guy, but after a brief conversation on AIM, where he attempted to flaunt his repair skills because he paid WAY too much for a reflow station, and read some forums on 360 repair.Even though I have only been doing this for years, he attempted to convince me of his awesomeness. Lots of stuff spouting from his mouth was untrue or irrelevant and came straight from bad forum topics on other sites. I asked for any references of customers he had done repairs for and he could not provide any, just consistently tried to throw out irrelevant knowledge (ie. "Do you replace the capacitors?") (ie... from me.... Are you aware that you would never need to? Are you aware that the 360 would run perfectly fine without them ????")lol. And on and on.Had a lot of talk, but most was recycled from other people on other forums. And I'm wary of people who's "experiAnce" (sorry, I had to) is strictly reading forums on xbox-scene and getting ripped off on a reflow station. And that's the only references he could provide. No real life experience. None was mentioned.

    Then I jump on here to check him out. In November, he knew nothing about 360 repair. So in 2 months he has bought an expensive reflow station and found some forums. and is now a "professional".

    Not dissing him (lol) as I refuse to sink to his sophomoric level, but please be wary. People like this are a dime a dozen.

    Find actual people that have had repair work done by him, and how their consoles are working. Ask questions and shop around. Demand unrelated references.

    I can honestly say the biggest problem with this topic is his price. The hybrid clamps themselves (besides having no value to a true repair person... BUT they were talked up by a few misinformed forums), are $10-$15 each, so if he is truly doing what he says, his material costs would exceed his charge. Either you are gonna pay Shipping and still have a broken 360, or something isn't right. Think about it.

    Just some advice.