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    29 October 2011 - 02:50 AM

    Most of you won't remember, but I am xHdTxHaloModder. I saw this thread yesterday when I was just checking out iBotModz again yesterday, couldn't find my password but I finally got it. Since everyone is saying there "good-byes" I might as well do the same. I planned on re-joining this site a few months ago, but I got caught up in some "irl" stuff and I couldn't get around to re-joining.

    I remember when I first got that message from Peaches that he was banned off whatever modding site (It was either Zero Gravity's or HaloMods) and he quickly needed me to join this site (well, it was the old blue & black forumer forums) and then my journey on iBotModz began. I was 9 or 10 at the time, I was moderator for about a week or so, then Peachers found out and removed me from staff. ;3

    Once iBotModz migrated over to this new site, we lost a lot of the old school members. Lost some good friends, but everyone moves on.

    Peaches, I just want to reach out to you personally and say thank you for inviting me to this site, I called it "home" for quite a long time. Ever since I left this site I joined the hacking scene and learned a lot about Computer Security. I can honestly say If you didn't invite me on to this site, I'd probably never have the computer knowledge I have today. I would have never learnt so much about modding, I would have never stayed in to computers this long. So I have to thank you for everything that you basically gave to me. I'd also like to thank you for dealing with my 9 - 12 year old ass while I was on this website. I've matured a LOT since I joined this site. I actually know how to spell "actual" now. lol.

    I would like to say a final goodbye to all the friends that I had the pleasure of meeting on this website.

    "They say that all beauty must die, I say it just moves on." - Avenged Sevenfold

    In Topic: 2011 and iBotModz

    04 January 2011 - 09:50 PM

    I can post PSP + iPod software mods, as well as legal security tutorials.

    In Topic: What has happened?

    01 January 2011 - 10:59 AM

    Peaches feels there is not enough hits to justify the efforts he puts into running it.

    Really? :/ , I was actually looking forward to coming back and becoming a active user again. I remember when the active people where, blacklabelfosho, cesar 13, alpha, niseless, anarchy, legacy, lost modz, slipstream, lax, melo, fattwam, d.hero, fatal error, happy buddah, noodle, and all them, anyone know what ever happened to these people? I see most the old people moved on for the most part. I mean if we expanded, got more modding discussion/topics, the old days would be back in no time.

    EDIT: WTF, My post count was like 1k, now It's like 200 D: