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    • Added on: Jul 21 2010 10:07 AM
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    How to switch a KV on your JTAG

    Verify important to modding and connecting to xbox live

    Posted by Pr3sT0 on Jul 21 2010 10:07 AM
    This is helpful to connecting to xbox live on your banned jtag

    Here are all the downloads you will need to have to switch your key vault

    Flash 360.XEX- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P1TYZOTM

    360 Flash Tool- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=68GBAFIK

    Here are the Physical items you will need

    Jtag console
    USB with over 1GB of memory

    After you are done downloading the programs needed, place them on the root of your USB ( The first page that pops up when you open it)

    Now just follow these steps and let me know if anybody has any issues

    1- Place your USB, with flash360 and 360flashtool on it, into your JTAG console
    2- Power on your console and navigate to xex menu and open it
    3- use the Right Bumber on you controller to navigate to the USB tab
    4- Click on flash360 and it should direct you to a blue screen with small words on it
    5- click "x" to write the original NAND of your xbox to your USb. (follow the rest of the instructions for it to begin)
    6- Remove your USB from your xbox and place it into your computer
    7- The Original NAND of your JTAG should have saved as flashdmp.bin

    1- Double click on 360 Flash tool
    2- Browse for the flashdmp.bin file on USB and open it with 360 flash tool
    3- click the keys tab a the top of the screen and make sure the two top boxes are check marked
    4- Next, write in the CPU key of your JTAG where it says "CPU" ( To get this code power off your JTAG, then hit the eject button on the disc tray. After the screen has stopped moving your CPU key should be there)
    5- After you have typed in your CPU key click "ok" and everything should dissapear.
    6- Open the flashdmp.bin file with 360 flash tool again and all of your Console information should be listed below
    7- Take note of your DVD key and DVD drive type because you will need it later.

    1- Next click the "import" button and select "key Vault"
    2- Browse for the KV_dec.bin file you should have saved on your desktop (thats the new unbanned KV)
    3- Save that as "edit01.bin"
    4- Open edit01.bin in 360 flash tool
    5- Then click the patch button on the bottom left and hit "patch Key Vault"
    6- (This is where your DVD key and Drive Type comes in handy) Then copy your DVD key and look for your Drive type in the scroll box. *Note- If you do not do this your JTAG could be damaged
    7- Then lastly, save that file as "updflash.bin"

    1- Place the updflash.bin file onto the root of your USB
    2- Place the USB into your JTAG and direct yourself to xexmenu
    3- once you are in xexmenu browse in the USB tab for 360 Flash tool
    4- Hit "A" to rewrite you current NAND
    5- Hit "B" to rewrite you NAND without keeping your current KV
    6- Hit "Start" to allow a mismatch to occur (sometimes you have to hit start twice)
    7- Then Finally hit "A" to continue on with the procedure
    8- Hit any button to continue
    9- Then hit the "Back" button twice to reboot your JTAG

    You should finally be unbanned and ready to host

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