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    • Added on: Jun 28 2010 06:12 PM
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    Moving from XBR to freeBoot 0.32

    This shows my experience and tutorial from moving from XBR to freeBoot.

    Posted by iBotPeaches on Jun 28 2010 06:12 PM
    First we are going to need some things.

    • CPU Key (Tutorial for obtaining)
    • 1BL Key (Google it, cannot be posted legally. It starts with a D and ends with an A)
    • Hex Editor (HxD Hex Editor Download)
    • Mobo Files (mediafire link)
    • libeay32.dll (Google your computer for it, I guarantee one application has it. Then simply copy it to needed location)
    • Kernel 9199 files (ask around, or xbins /XBOX 360/development/freeBOOT/)
    • freeBOOT v0.032 (ask around, or xbins /XBOX 360/development/freeBOOT/)
    • Flash360 (download)

    1. Using the CPU Key tutorial, obtain the CPU key and save it to a txt file for future use.

    2. Use Flash360 on your jtagged xbox, and save a Full Nand Backup to the root of the HDD / Flash Drive

    3. Obtain that file, via the flash drive or connecting your hard-drive to your computer from one of these methods.

    4. Open that file in a preferred Hex Editor.

    5. At the very top of the file you should see something similar to CB0=#### (see screenshot below)


    6. Record that 4 digit number in the same txt folder as your CPU key.

    7. Obtain via Google or elsewhere the 1BL Key.

    8. Copy that key to that same txt file too.

    9. Your txt file should now look similar to this.


    If you have all 3 digits, then continue. Otherwise, please re-read steps 1-9.

    10. Extract the freeBoot package.

    11. Move the libeay32.dll from the requirements into the root of the folder (see below)


    12. Copy your XBR3 Backup file from step 4, into the bin folder

    13. Open up Command Prompt

    14. Change Directories to this location.


    cd full location to files.

    cd C:\Users\iBotPeaches\Desktop\360_Flash_Tool_v0.94\freeBOOT-0.032\freeBOOT-0.032

    15. Now copy this code

    ibuild x -d data\ -b 1BLKEY -p CPUKEY bin\flashdmp.bin

    1BLKEY = Key from Step 7, the 1BL Key.
    CPUKey = Key from Step 1, the Xbox 360 CPU Key

    16. This should error out, since it is an XBR file, and not a clean file. Ignore the error and continue.

    17. Navigate to the freeBOOT-0.032\data folder and delete everything but kv.bin, smc.bin and smc_config.bin

    18. Extract the kernel 9199 files directly into the data folder

    19. You should have a lot of files.

    Posted Image

    20. Open up the downloaded mobo_files , and locate your motherboard revision (EX: xenon) and the CB0 type (step 5)

    21. Traverse the file system of the mobo_files opening your mobo revision, and then CB0 type.

    22. Copy the files (crl.bin, crl.bin.meta, extended.bin, extended.bin.meta, odd.bin, odd.bin.meta, secdata.bin, secdata.bin.meta) from the mobo folder into the freeBoot data folder.

    23. Re-open Command Prompt.

    24. If needed, redo steps 13-14 to change to the right directory

    25.Type this code

    ibuild.exe c freeBOOT -c CONSOLE -d data\ -p CPUKEY -b 1BLKEY bin\images.bin bin\fuses.bin


    CONSOLE = falcon, xenon, jasper, jasper256 or jasper512
    CPUKEY = CPU Key from step 1
    1BLKey = 1BL Key from step 7

    26. Hit enter and the process should complete without errors. If it does error, restart my tutorial right now.

    27. There is now an image.bin file in the bin folder that happens to be the same size as your XBR dump.

    28. Rename image.bin to updflash.bin and re-transfer back to your flash drive or HDD (Do the reverse of step 3)

    29. Boot your jtagged 360 and boot Flash360.xex

    30. Click A, B, A and that will re-flash that image to your xbox.

    31. If anything errors, restart my tutorial again.

    32. If all succeeded the xbox 360 should restart.

    33. Upon restarting it will act like a new xbox asking for your language. You got it :p

    34. Verify in the settings menu that your current dash is 2.0.9199.0

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