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    New Xbox 360

    Nov 09 2011 11:05 AM | iBotPeaches in Xbox 360

    These have surfaced on the Xbox 360 facebook page. I don't know who owns that page, but with 900k likes I'm inclined to think its real.

    Here are some mockups of the new console

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    Halo 4 = New Trilogy?

    Mar 04 2012 10:15 AM | iBotPeaches in Xbox 360

    Thats right, Halo 4 will start a new trilogy. So we can expect to see a Halo 5 and 6. These games probably will be pushed onto the new Xbox revision. So Halo will live on, and with most of the original Halo 1/2 staff on board this release we expect to see the same great teamwork that brought us the first Halo's.

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    Horde Command Pack delayed

    Nov 01 2011 07:00 AM | iBotPeaches in Xbox 360

    The scheduled Horde Command Pack release for Gears of War 3 is temporarily delayed due to a technical issue. We apologize to those of you who are anxiously awaiting to play. We know this is disappointing news as we’ve seen a lot of posts today showing...

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