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    Bungie is no more.

    It has finally happened. Bungie has moved away from Xbox 360 development and turned off all portions of Halo from its site. It was a fun 10 years, but all things must eventually end. We now look towards 343 to continue the Halo saga.

    This week’s Mail Sack marks an important milestone for the Bungie Community. For more than a decade, gamers have been clashing on the virtual battlefields of Halo multiplayer. Ever since Halo 2 brought them together via Xbox LIVE, the statistical analysis enabled by Bungie.net has tracked all of the fragging, shooting, splattering, pummeling, capturing, detonating, controlling, betraying, and assisting you brought to the virtual battlefield. It’s been a glorious run.

    On Sunday, that comes to a close as we yield the stage to developers who will be ensuring that the legacy of Halo lives on. As the curtain closes on the number crunching and hero making that has been a fixture of this website, we must look back fondly on the wealth of combat achievements that have been tabulated. We must also make sure that your inquiring minds are prepared for closing night. To make sure that we are answering your more complicated questions with the same accuracy that your Sniper Rifles have exhibited these many years, I have enlisted some support from the Bungie.net ensemble.

    Source: http://www.bungie.net/default.aspx