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    In Topic: It was fun.

    28 October 2011 - 11:49 AM

    Hey Guys, AModderGuy Here!

    iBotPeaches, Those days working with you have been life-changing for me. Your guides and my services to you was a big start turning iBotmodz into a big popularity rivalry to all other modding sites and I thought we were going to be as great as Halomods! Man what a fantasy that was! I'm glad I got to be apart of your community and got to know all these wonderful people that also helped greatly at stuff that I had no skills upon, but this life experience from the age of 12 to now, it was a blast and I now have a career path because of you and the staffs and VIPs. Without you guys, I wouldn't have a clue to do with my life and since you guys showed me, I'm beyond grateful.

    Halo 2 Modding was something I didnt think I had the power to do except the developers of bungie can do, but since I found Halomods and saw these incredible arts of mods, I knew it was possible for me and I found you Peaches, you advertising your newly developed site and wanted some people to help out. Man, what a trip down memory lane right? Well, I remember I posted numberless of mods on your site and you were very pleased and we racked up so many members that time, it was amazing for you! I felt so special when you promoted me to moderator; it was like I was worth something, so did I thought back in the days. Even as the site grew and grew, I always tried my hardest to improve the site and then the unthinkable happend when you promoted me to second in command! I was speechless! Yeah Peaches, those were the good o'days!

    Well I'm not typing away the whole life story of my time at iBotModz, so anyways, Its been a great pleasure to serve you and others. Sorry to the others that I cant name right now, too complex to remember this sites members. Lets keep in touch Peaches, and who knows we might meet up someday. That would rock if we meet face to face, you've been a great friend!

    Final Farewells to iBotModz! Everyone, "Brothers to the End!" As quoted from Gears of War 3

    - StevenSVE AKA AModderGuy (Luc)

    In Topic: 343i Reveals Gameplay Footage For New Skull

    06 October 2011 - 05:23 AM

    Its abit old but still good footage! Cant wait to try out the remastered campaign!

    In Topic: Have GOW3?

    20 September 2011 - 10:25 PM

    I'll hook up a match with you whenever I get a chance. Gears 3 is amazing so far!

    In Topic: Who remembers this ?

    07 August 2011 - 09:48 AM

    Those were some good times! Any chance of reliving those days right now? haha

    In Topic: Halo 4

    06 June 2011 - 01:09 PM