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    Halo 2 Kai/XBC Group

    12 May 2010 - 12:29 PM

    Hey Guys,
    Ever since Halo 2 got taken off of xbox live there has actually been a resurgence of people on Kai/XBC. However most of these people only have the default maps (i.e. the ones that came with halo 2) Now i have all the unnmodded maps, and tons of modded maps too, but no one to play with. So why not get a group together to play all the maps, play modded maps and also to possibly test new maps that are being released.(there are some but not many) So just post your Kai/XBC gamer-tag here and any modded maps/game-types/maps requests you have.(zombies anyone?) Ill be hosting on most nights probably around 7:30 Eastern Time till about 9ish.

    Maps to have handy on HDD
    All Clean Maps
    3volved Final (or beta, both work together)
    Donkey Kong Extreme
    NightWinder V.2
    Ace SpaceRace

    People In-
    (Kai - ScarletPassionX)
    (XBC - ScarletPassionX)

    (Kai - NA)
    XBC - wheelchairrocketman)

    cmon guys! even if you dont have an original xbox and your 360 isn't modded join in we can always get some old maps going too!

    original thread is here; http://www.se7ensins...2-kaixbc-group/