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    H3 Prog:Vanity (Halo 3 Film Editor)

    10 October 2009 - 09:53 PM

    File Name: Vanity (Halo 3 Film Editor)
    File Submitter: chinaja422
    File Submitted: 10 Oct 2009
    File Category: H3 Modding Programs
    Author: Veegie
    Version: 1

    Vanity has way more features then other featured film editors you can reload films you can basicly do any thing to a vid

    Alright, basically this is a film editor.
    Pretty simple.
    Open up a CON, edit your ****, save.

    I'm going to keep this brief because I'm in a hurry, I'll edit this tonight.

    Host MachineID == The xbox that the film came from
    Edit your MachineID accordingly for allowing FP viewing options.
    When the textboxes change colours, it means that the displayed player is the host.

    Please don't edit gamertags into things that are inappropriate.
    Just use common sense, yeah?

    Again, very sorry for the briefness. I'll edit later.
    Post all of your bugs here etc. etc.

    Anthony for helping
    Detox for helping fix countless problems
    Veegie main creator

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