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    #266 The Ultimate Hard Modding FAQ Guide

    Posted by iBotPeaches on 27 August 2007 - 05:10 AM

    The Ultimate Hard Modding FAQ Guide
    Made by Brahm2 & Edited by Dark Master

    Firstly, a world of thanks to NeO529 for starting the original Case Modding FAQ, then letting me tear it apart and add onto it. This list is reorganized, reordered, and re-vamped to make it somewhat easier to find exactly what you are looking for. Made by Brahm2 over at Xbox-Scene

    For easier searching and scrolling, search (ctrl-F) the alphanumberic code beside the topic to hop directly to it (for example, "A01," or "D10")

    =====[Table of Contents]=====
    A. Basic information you must know before modding.
    - (A01) What Xbox Version do I have?
    - (A02) Where is the iBot Mods tutorial page?
    - (A03) What type of soldering iron should I buy?
    - (A04) How do I solder?
    - (A05) Basic electronics for beginners!
    B. Where to get modding supplies
    - (B01) LEDs & Resistors
    - (B02) Custom Xbox Jewels
    - (B03) Circular Cold Cathode Fans or other Cathodes
    - (B04) Soldering Supplies
    - (B05) Replacement Parts/Other Parts
    C. Taking Apart The Xbox
    - (C01) How do I open the Xbox case?
    - (C02) How do I get the face plate/front panel thingy off?
    - (C03) How do I remove the jewel?
    - (C03b) How do I make the jewel hole?
    - (C04) How do I clear the jewel?
    - (C04b) How do I get the silver Xbox lettering out of the jewel?
    - (C05) Okay, So I took off my jewel and sanded it, or got a custom one. How do I get it back on???
    - (C06) Is it okay to remove the top metal shielding?
    - (C07) What the heck is all this white goop on the PSU!?
    - (C08) How do I remove the DVD Bezel/Faceplate?
    D. Lighting Mods
    - (D01) How do I change the power/eject LEDs?
    - (D02) What size LEDs do I need for the power/eject assembly?
    - (D03) What type of resistors do I need for ____ LEDs?
    - (D04) How do I light my jewel? Cold cathode or LEDs?
    - (D05) I have a cathode or a pre-made light kit...how do I install it?
    - (D06) I bought a lighting product that uses an inverter...now Xbox won't turn on!!!
    - (D07) There is not enough room for my jewel lighting!!
    - (D08) How do I install LEDs in the controllers?
    - (D09) How do I install rumble LEDs in the controllers?
    - (D10) How do I install LEDs in the controllers to make the A, B, X, and Y buttons glow?
    - (D11) How do I install LEDs in the controller dongles/plugs of the controllers?
    - (D12) Easiest, no-solder method to change power/eject LEDs to red.
    - (D13) Ultimate Jewel Mod (HDD activity + Jewel LEDs)
    - (D14) Underglow Mod!
    - (D15) Side Vent LED mod
    - (D16) How to use your eject ring to control your LEDs
    E. Cooling Mods
    - (E01) What are the average temperatures for the xbox cpu and motherboard?
    - (E02) What is too hot for my xbox?
    - (E03) What's the best way to cool my xbox?
    - (E04) How can I make the fan more quiet?
    - (E05) What are sizes for the back fan?
    - (E06) How do I do the 12v Fan Mod?
    - (E07) Hard drive cooling mod
    - (E08) Watercooling?
    - (E09) Side Intake Fan Mod Tutorial (PDF)
    - (E10) What are the dimensions of the Xbox heatsinks??
    F. Painting Mods
    - (F01) What type of paint should I use on my xbox?
    - (F02) Painting tips for newbies!!!
    - (F03) Complete Two Color Painting Tutorial
    - (F04) Preview your paint mods with an editable Photoshop Template!
    - (F05) Flash app to preview your paint mods online
    - (F06) Painting Flames on your Xbox
    G. Misc Info
    - (G01) Guide To A Dead Power Supply Unit Replacement
    - (G02) DVD Window Mod Tutorial
    - (G03) In-Depth instructions on how to cut the metal DVD-ROM lid
    - (G04) deviation56's Xbox-to-PC case mod tutorial
    - (G05) Hip Screen LCD Mod
    - (G06) Moving all of the Controller Ports to one side of the Xbox
    - (G07) Wireless Controller Mod - Internal Wiring & Mounting
    - (G08) Installing a USB port into your Xbox
    - (G09) Installing a Wireless Card into your Xbox
    - (G10) Does a Xbox 360 Controller work on a normal Xbox
    H. Pinouts and Connection Diagrams
    - (H01) Power Supply Pinout
    - (H02) Molex Power Connector (Hard drive power cable)
    - (H03) Video Connector Pinout
    - (H04) ATA Connector (HDD/DVD IDE cable)
    - (H05) DVD-ROM Power Connector
    - (H06) Front Panel Connector (power/eject assembly)
    - (H07) Ethernet Connector Pinout
    - (H08) Controller Port
    - (H09) Memory Card Slot
    - (H10) AVIP Chart

    Section A - Basic Information

    A01. What Xbox version do I have?
    - http://ibotmodz.3.fo...?showtopic=1479 - This one was actually made by me, it requires you to open up your Xbox to determain your Xbox Verison, but if your a Hard Modder, that shouldn't be a problem.
    - http://xbox-linux.so...onsfinding.html - This is a very accurate guide to finding your Xbox version by its manufacture date. however, there are a lot of blank spots, and despite it's accuracy, it could be wrong. The tried and true method of determining your version is to open the Xbox up.

    A02. Where is the iBot Mods tutorials page?
    - The iBot Mods tutorials are widely spread all alround our website. Each category has there own tutorials. Such as softmodding tutorials and hard modding tutorials.

    A03. What type of soldering iron should I buy?
    - It really all depends on your level of skill with a soldering iron. For those new to soldering, a 15w iron can be the best because it is not as hot as a 30w. However, experieced solderers may feel more comfortable with a 30 watt iron. It is not reccomended to go much higher than 30w.
    - As for BRAND, it doesn't matter. Cheap Radio Shark irons are perfect to pick up if you are new to soldering and don't want to spend a lot of money on a professional iron (one with variable heat controls)

    A04. How do I solder?
    - As soldering is something that is too long to explain in one FAQ, a number of posts and websites have been collected that answer many questions, and have many tips.
    - http://forums.xbox-s...t...24&t=155478
    - http://www.circuitte...uides/7-0.shtml
    - Google Results for 'basic soldering guide'
    - http://www.xbox-scen.../soldering2.php
    - http://www.xbox-scen...icles/stems.php
    - http://www.epemag.wi...erfaq.htm#howto

    A05. Basic Electronic Stuff for Beginners!
    - twistedsymphony sent me this helpful link - it contains a lot of simple, easy-to-understand info if you're new to the world of electronics, circuits, soldering, etc. It also has a lot of basic projects that you can build and practice with before you mess up your Xbox!
    - http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/index.htm

    Section B - Where to get modding supplies. (thanks a lot to cleary for his links)

    B01. LEDs
    - http://www.LSDiodes.com - Highly reccomended by a lot of modders on the scene. LEDs & Resistors.
    - http://www.besthongkong.com/ - Also highly reccomended. LEDs and resistors.
    - http://www.coolerguys.com/ - Expensive, but one of the few places that has RED/BLUE bicolor LEDs. subdigital had some advice to offer - he phoned coolerguys, and they suggested that people phone in their LED orders to save money on shipping - around 5 bucks! See their contact page for phone numbers and ordering hours!
    - eBay LED listings - You can get bulk LEDs for very cheap on eBay, you just have to watch what's there.
    - Don't buy LEDs at Radio Shack. They are weak and terrible.

    B02. Custom Xbox Jewels
    - http://shop.craxtion.com (run by LepPpeR)
    - http://www.mad-modder.com (run by No_Remorse_666)
    - http://www.hotmodz.com (formally Xport1) (run by Xport1)
    - Which to choose? All are great places. Mad-Modder and Craxtion offer thick, engraved custom jewels, as well as "standard" designs. Xport1 offers a very wide selection of thinner laser-etched jewels at a slightly cheaper cost. Visit all three sites to get an idea of which one is right for you.

    B03. Circular Cold Cathode Fans or other Cathodes (CCFLs/CCs)
    - There are hundreds of places online to pick these items up, but here are a few reccomended by Xbox-Scene members:
    - Try searching Google as well. Don't get ripped off on eBay by shipping charges.. sellers on eBay have a habit of overinflating the shipping costs!!

    B04. Soldering Supplies
    - The place I go for all my soldering supplies is Radio Shack. They suck for absolutly everything else, but they have irons, solder, solder suckers, desoldering braid, a small selection of replacement tips, and that's basically all you need. Blind_Samuri shared these links with me:

    1. http://www.jameco.com/
    An excellent place for electronic components and supplies. I have personally bought my soldering iron from them and was very satisfied with their service. They are mostly hobbyst friendly site. Bad thing they charge handling fee if order is smaller than $25 .
    2. http://www.mouser.com/
    Another good website. I think they don't even charge $5 handling fee if order is under $25. Also hobbyst friendly.
    I think those places are better than big retailers (Newark,DigiKey) for hobby stuff.

    B05. Replacement Parts/Other Parts
    - To find more computer case mod oriented modding items, check out all the links in section B03. Items like Lazer LEDs, lighted case feet, etc.
    - Two sources used by XS members for Xbox parts are:
    ---- http://www.llamma.com (TWO M's! )
    ---- http://www.spotted-horse.com
    - I would highly recommend Llamma over Spotted Horse, Llamma has a much bigger selection.
    - Don't forget to try Xbox-Scene's BST section to see if people are selling extra parts there as well.
    - Can't solder? CustomXbox.net has a wide variety of case mod options for sale.

    Section C - Taking Apart The Case

    C01. How do I open the Xbox case?
    - http://www.xbox-scen...icles/open1.php
    - A torx-20 (T-20) bit is needed for the 6 case screws.
    - A torx-10 (T-10) bit is needed for the mobo screws and most other screws inside the case)
    - A torx-15 (T-15) bit is needed to remove the hard drive from its little tray. This is not nessecary for case modding unless you are taking the HDD out of the tray.

    C02. How do I get the face plate/front panel thingy off?
    - Read this thread: http://forums.xbox-s...t...t=83735&hl=
    - Watch TykSak's video: http://www.indexside...anelRemoval.htm (thanks TykSak)
    - Watch brahm2's video: http://brahm2.com/fa...efrontpanel.avi (note: It won't be that easy the first time).

    C03. How do I remove the jewel?
    - This method is reccomended because it is sooooo easy:
    Step 1: Put the top part of your case into the freezer for about 30 minutes.
    Step 2: Take it out, remove metal shielding and tap directly under your jewel with a hammer [OR A SHOE!!] and she'll pop right off. (by tester123)

    - If tester's method doesn't work (unusually strong glue or something) try this method:
    First open up the xbox case ant take off the top. Take the metal shielding off the top. There are 6 little posts that you have to bend a little of the metal back. Grab a hair blower and a small screw driver. Set the hair dryer to hot and high. Point the hair blower at the back of the jewel for 5 minutes, no less. Take the screw driver and stick it under the jewel and leaver it off. Thats it your jewel is off. (by wup)

    - Here is a 30 second method:
    What you need is a can of compressed air. You use it for cleaning PC parts and dusting things. If you turn it upside down it shoots out a liquid that is super cold and freezes. Anyways, turn the can upside down and spray all around your jewel. Be sure to get alot of it around the sides and underneath. When i was done spraying I had a little pool of this "super cooling liquid air" on my jewel. It evaporated in a few seconds then the jewel peeled right off. Hope this helps! (by EyeCandyAccord)
    Note: be careful with this method. Some people have cracked thier jewels.

    C03b. How do I make the jewel hole?
    - There are a couple ways to do this
    - Use a dremel cutting disc to make a rough hole, then a sanding drum to round it down to a perfect circle.
    - Get a 2.5" hole saw drill attachment, and drill the perfect sized hole without any other work!
    - With both methods, make sure there is a small ledge left over for the jewel to rest on (about 1 - 1.5mm)
    - Many other ways.. it's as simple as cutting and sanding down plastic.

    C04. How do I clear the jewel?
    - The first step is to get that black rubbery stuff off. If you used the freezer method, sometimes you can peel it off like a sticker, or in little chunks at a time. If you can't, try Goo-Gone or some other sticky-substance removing solvent.
    - Now, to get the green paint off.

    - 3/27/04 - it was just brought to my attention that Rubbing Alcohol works just as well or even better than nail polish, seeing how it is alcohol based. If you have some, substitute it for nail polish in the rest of this explanation. (thanks to vokal4 for the tip)

    - Take some paper towel, dab some nail polish remover OR rubbing alcohol on it, and rub. It will take a little while, but it is well worth it. If you don't have a sister/mom/girlfriend, go to a drugstore. It should be cheaper than a million kinds of sandpaper. Look at this result from nail polish:
    Note: don't let it SOAK.. RUB it. Sometimes it might depend on the nail polish if it is cloudy.
    Note 2: Apparently ACETONE FREE Nail Polish is the kind that does not cloud.
    Note 3: This method does not work 100% of the time, and some members still get cloudy jewels. Keep in mind that not all of these methods will be the same for everyone.

    A chemical-free method to remove the paint is by sanding. TykSak has an amazing tutorial for jewel sanding:

    Keep the following in mind:

    Just as a tip, various other household chemicals have been reported to work just as well. Pine Sol and Oven cleaner have both had good results, but sometimes the jewel clouds with oven cleaner. Clear at your own risk!


    djmeistro had this to say about jewel polishing: I just learned something new about jewel that i didn't find anywhere on the site. For me, when i took the paint off the jewel with nail polish remover, it started to cloud. The solution to this is just do that final step as if you were sanding the jewel. Use toothpaste and polish the jewel and the clouding goes away.

    C04b. How do I get the silver Xbox lettering out of the jewel?
    - After removing the green paint with a sanding or chemical method, put hot glue into the "xbox" letters, let it dry (try sticking it in the freezer to get it to harden quickly), then just peel it out, and the silver should stick to the glue.
    - Repeat the process for any other little bits that don't come off the first time.
    - Thanks to PaCMaYNE for this info.
    - This hasn't worked for everyone so try it at your own risk!

    C05. Okay, So I took off my jewel and sanded it, or got a custom one. How do I get it back on???
    -Definitive Jewel Reattachement Guide (by feflicker)

    C06. Is it okay to remove the top metal shielding?
    - YES. Leave the side shielding if possible, but if the top shielding is in your way, you can remove it.

    C07. What the heck is all this white goop on the PSU!?
    - Don't panic, it's normal. The goop is placed on the PSUs to prevent the components from vibrating while in-transit. It's non-conductive and does not damage anything.. and it's reccomended you leave it there!

    C08. How do I remove the DVD Bezel/Faceplate?
    - Thanks TykSak
    - http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=236239

    Section D - Lighting Mods!

    D01. How do I change the power/eject LEDs?
    - If you have a modchip, or are using an exploit, XBTool allows you to specify the LED color of red, green, or orange and can have them alternate and flash as well.
    - If you want to make the power/eject LEDs always red, and you don't want to use XBTool, and you don't want to solder, check this tutorial: http://www.xbox-scen...s/front-led.php
    - If you are comfortable soldering, check out dvz's awesome tutorial to get the power/eject LEDs to ANY color you want, as long as you have the right color LEDs: http://forums.xbox-s...showtopic=50825

    D02. What size LEDs do I need for the power/eject assembly?
    - 3mm is best. You can fit 5mm with some work and trimming though.
    - Note: 3mm Bi-color LEDs are the easiest to install, because they are the same size as the originals. When you install two 3mm LEDs, some trimming of the insides may be required. 5mm LEDs require more trimming.

    D03. What type of resistors do I need for ____ LEDs?
    - A collection of posts and links about calculating resistance: http://forums.xbox-s...showtopic=61484
    - Simple and Advanced Resistor Calculator: resistorcalc.sickmods.net
    - Alternative Calculator: http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz
    - Picture for equations (thanks TykSak_):

    D04. How do I light my jewel? Cold cathode or LEDs?
    - The difference between cold cathodes and LEDs is this: LEDs are bright, and CC's are incredibly bright!!
    Mastermods.com used to sell light kits but have had incredible shipping problems and they are generally not reccomended. There are also some tutorials to make your own. Here is the best one (thanks Ben999_):
    Another one:
    - Circular cold cathodes are becoming extremly popular...they are available at Xoxide.com or any major computer case modding site. A cathode from an 80mm fan is PERFECT for the Xbox. Spiral fans also work very well. Basically, you unscrew the cathode part from the fan, plug the molex connector into the Xbox's PSU (requires Y-splitter) and turn it on. See section B03 for places to buy cathode fans.

    D05. I have a cathode or a pre-made light kit...how do I install it?
    - You need a 4-pin molex power spiltter for the hard drive power cable...then the hard drive goes in one end and the light kit goes in the other. Advanced modders will be able to figure out which wires to solder without having to buy a splitter. Remember that CCs NEED an inverter to work.

    D06. I bought a lighting product that uses an inverter...now Xbox won't turn on!!!
    - Depending on where you placed the inverter, it can sometimes interfere with the interior of the Xbox. Mainly, when you place one right near the IDE cable from the HDD. Simple fix.. wrap the inverter in tin foil (stops electronic signals), then wrap the aluminum-wrapped inverter with electrical tape (because electronics and aluminum foil DO NOT MIX!!). If this fix doesn't work for you..post a help thread for troubleshooting.

    - Another common cause of the inverter screwing up your xbox is that there's usually a piece of methal inside the inverter thats touching another piece of metal that it shouldn't be. This happens especially with inverters from svc.com (not sure what brand specifically). To open the inverter, usually you can just push in the middle in on both sides and the two covers with pop right off. Then just make there are no pieces of metal touching any other pieces of metal inside the inverter, if there is just pry the 2 pieces of metal away with a flathead screwdriver or something (be gentle with it). This has already happened to me and a friend, we wrapped it and tinfoil first and still had problems with interference, but we opened up our inverters and sure enough there were some pieces of metal touching each other that weren't supposed to. If you tried wrapping it in tinfoil and tried this method also, its probbably time to get a new inverter... (THANKS deviation56)

    D07. There is not enough room for my jewel lighting!!
    Well, the easiest solution is to take out the metal shielding attached to the lid of the Xbox. It is generally useless and taking it out is perfectly fine.

    D08. How do I install LEDs in the controllers?
    - Visit this link - bad pics, but good tut.
    - Visit this link - awesome pics, awesome tut.
    - Visit this link - awesome pics, awesome tut.
    - The One-picture tutorial from brahm2's sig.

    D09. How do I install rumble LEDs in the controllers?
    - brahm2's One-Picture tutorial:

    D10. How do I install LEDs in the controllers to make the A, B, X, and Y buttons glow?
    - Check these links.
    - http://members.cox.n...rook/modcon.htm
    - http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=290268 (thanks ahoatam!)
    - Also see Ben999_'s website for another pic of a completed one - http://mywebpages.co...llerbuttons.jpg

    D11. How do I install LEDs in the controller dongles/plugs of the controllers?
    - brahm2 & AliKaz's tutorial

    D12. Easiest, no-solder method to change power/eject LEDs to red.
    - Very detailed tutorial, lots of pics of taking apart the xbox and putting it back together:
    - http://www.xbox-scen...s/front-led.php
    - Troubleshooting:
    If the power/eject LEDs do not work after this mod, it is most likely because of a simple wire mixup. This is a common error and easy to fix. Use this image for reference (ignore blue line), and switch all your wires back into their NORMAL positions. Plug it into the Xbox and make sure it works normally. Then, carefully following the tutorial, or using the image for reference, try switching the wires again into their new positions.

    D13. Ultimate Jewel Mod (HDD activity + Jewel LEDs)
    - Tutorial: http://www.xbox-scen...imate-jewel.php
    - Alternate wiring diagram: http://brahm2.com/xs/ultimate.jpg

    D14. Underglow Mod!
    - Thanks to $langer for making an underglow tutorial!
    - http://www.engr.uvic...under_glow_mod/

    D15. Side Vent LED mod
    - Thanks to mb3k for this great tutorial!
    - http://www.mb3k.com/...ntledboard.html

    D16. How to use your eject ring to control your LEDs
    - Tutorial by TeonHarasymiv
    - http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=364073

    Section E - Cooling Mods

    E01. What are the average temperatures for the xbox cpu and motherboard?
    -CPU temp should range from about 40?º-65?ºC (104?º-149?ºF)
    -Motherboard temp should range from about 33?º-49?ºC (90?º-120?ºF)

    E02. What is too hot for my xbox?
    - your Xbox will shut down if the cpu temperature reaches 71?ºC (160?ºF)

    E03. What's the best way to cool my xbox?
    - I have had good experiences with the 12v fan mod (see E06). You can also add more fans, especially one underneath the hard drive. If you add one under the HD make sure it is sucking air away and not blowing air against it because you will just be blowing hot air against the hdd. If you blow the air away from the hdd the back fan will take it out.
    - If you are not concerned about looks...then leaving the case lid off is one of the better cooling methods. But what case modder would do that? :-P
    - The fan on the back should never be blowing air INTO the Xbox case.
    - Most mod chips feature a settings area that allows you to change the speed of the fan. This can be effective, but might be dangerous if you exceed more than about half of what it was.

    E04. How can I make the fan more quiet?
    - Buy a new, more silent one. Such as a Vantec Stealth 80mm (requires some fitting)

    E05. What are sizes for the back stock fan?
    - 3 1/4 x 2 3/4 x 1 inch or 70mm x 60mm x approx 21.5mm

    E06. How do I do the 12v Fan Mod?
    - Thanks NeO529.

    E07. Hard drive cooling mod
    - Thanks FLuKE11.

    E08. Watercooling?
    - Here are some links for watercooling!
    - http://www.xbox-scen...ater-cooled.php
    - http://hypothermia.g...xbox/index.html
    thanks to One More for pointing these out to me! Anyone else should feel free to send me any other links they find.

    E09. Side Intake Fan Mod Tutorial
    - thanks Dreamcazman!
    Related post: http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=176677

    E10. What are the dimensions of the Xbox heatsinks?
    - Thanks Gotrek for the exact measurements.
    - Listed by length x width x height
    - CPU 70mm x 60mm x 35mm (max height but I think the HD cradle could be modified but this might screw up the airflow over the heatsink)
    - GPU 51mm x 43mm x 25mm (theres room to go as high as 27mm)
    - MCPX (didn't measure it but I fit a 40mm x 40mm heatsink on it but the right size would probably be 20mm x 20mm x 30mm (Guessing on height but theres more clearance then over the GPU)

    Section F - Painting Mods

    F01. What type of paint should I use on my xbox?
    - TykSak, one of the best xbox case modders, uses acrylic car paint. Many people have also had luck with krylon fusion paint. Some other good brands are:
    Krylon Fusion (Where to Buy)
    Motip Car Paint
    Dupli-Color Auto Paint (Where to Buy)
    Tamiya Model Paint
    Plasti-kote Auto Paint

    F02. Painting tips for newbies!!!
    - http://forums.xbox-s...t...=24&t=98508

    F03. Complete Two Color Painting Tutorial
    - Thanks TykSak!

    F04. Preview your paint mods with an editable Photoshop Template!
    - Thanks to blindbug for creating the template, here's the thread:

    F05. Flash app to preview your paint mods online
    - Based on the Photoshop template by blindbug, here is a Flash app to quickly test paint schemes without the need for Photoshop:
    - colorchooser.sickmods.net

    F06. Painting Flames on your Xbox
    - Check out thios tutorial by EmTea
    - http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=318217

    Section G - Misc Info

    G01. Guide To A Dead Power Supply Unit Replacement
    - http://forums.xbox-s...t...=24&t=31421

    G02. DVD Window Mod Tutorial
    - http://www.brahm2.com/faq/DVD1/ (thanks Emc1683)
    - - http://www.brahm2.com/faq/DVD2/ (thanks Muntzster)
    - Tips: If you plan on painting your Xbox and do a DVD window mod, cut out the window BEFORE painting. That way, you won't ruin a nice coat of paint by cutting into the case.
    - Because there are 3 different DVD-ROMS (possibly more, as newer versions of old models appear), don't be afraid to pause and ask for help in your project if there is something you are unsure of.

    G03. In-Depth instructions on how to cut the metal DVD-ROM lid
    - thanks mastercheef

    G04. deviation56's Xbox-to-PC case mod tutorial
    - thanks deviation56
    - Related link (by djboo):

    G05. Hip Screen LCD Mod
    - http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=289355
    - thanks sapper

    G06. Moving all the Controller Ports to one side of the Xbox
    - http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=380299
    - thanks dougMod

    G07. Wireless Controller Mod - Internal Wiring & Mounting
    - http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=445777
    - thanks crystalgeek

    G08. Installing a USB port in to your Xbox
    - http://ibotmodz.3.fo...?showtopic=1510
    - this tutorial was actually made by me

    G09. Installing a Wireless Card into your Xbox
    - http://ibotmodz.3.fo...?showtopic=1328
    - there's no pics, but very good text

    G10. Does a Xbox 360 Controller work on a normal Xbox
    - If you have a working USB port on your Xbox and you attach a wired Xbox 360 Controller will it work?
    - No, because the games will not work because the controllers are different. On the old controller, the triggers are just spring loaded buttons. On the 360 controller, they are analog (z-axis?) triggers. The missing piece will most likely be drivers for the 360 controller on the old Xbox.

    Section H - Pinouts and Connection Diagrams - a million thanks to Emc1683 and spillage for gathering this info. Note: There was also information on the LPC, which I didn't include, because it varies in later versions of the Xbox. The PSU may change beween the versions as well - if someone could update me on that, I will edit the new information in.

    H01. Power Supply Pinout (the motherboard connector)

    For more info and diagrams on the different PSUs, visit: http://psu.pablot.com

    Pin_________Desc._________Wire Color

    6_________+3.3V STBY________Brown
    11_________Power on_________White
    12_________Power OK_________Blue

    PSU info not be accurate for all Xbox versions!! I believe this is accurate for 1.0/1.1 Xboxes. Please PM me updates with other versions.

    H02. Molex Power Connector (Hard drive power cable)

    Desc._____Wire Color


    H03. Video Connector Pinout


    H04. ATA Connector (HDD/DVD IDE cable)

    19_____GND___________________20____Key_____Blank Pin for polarizing
    21____DMARQ__DMA Request_____22____GND_____________
    23____DIOW____I/O Write________24____GND______________
    25____DIOR____I/O Read_________26____GND_____________
    27____IORDY___I/O Ready________28____CSEL__Cable Select
    29____DMACK__DAM Ackknowledge_30____GND_____________
    31____INTRQ__Interrupt Req.______32____IOCS16__16bit I/O
    33____DA1____Device Addr. Bit 1___34____PDIAG__Passed Diagnostics
    35____DA0____Device Addr. Bit 0___36____DA2__Device Addr. Bit 2
    37____CS0____Chip Select 0_______38____CS1__Chip select 1
    39____DASP___Dev. Activity_______40____GND______________

    H05. DVD-ROM Power Connector

    1_______12VDC______+12V Power
    2_______5VDC_______+5V Power
    4_______Eject________Active low tray eject
    5_______TS0_________Traystate status 0
    6_______TS1_________Traystate status 1
    7_______TS2_________Traystate status 2
    8_______Activity______Disk seek/Data transfer
    9_______12VDC______+12V Power
    10______5VDC_______+5V Power
    13______Key_________Not Connected
    14_________Blank For Polarizing___________

    H06. Front Panel Connector (power/eject assembly)

    2________Power Switch
    4________Eject Switch
    5________Green LED
    6________Red LED
    7________Red LED
    8________Green LED
    9________Not Connected but wired
    10_______No pin.

    H07. Ethernet Connector Pinout

    Pin_____Desc._____Wire Color
    1_____Transmit +_____Orange Stripe
    2_____Transmit -______Orange
    3_____Recieve +______Green Stripe
    4_____Not Connected__Blue
    5_____Not Connected__Blue Stripe
    6_____Recieve -______Green
    7_____Not Connected__Brown Stripe
    8_____Not Connected__Brown

    H08. Controller Port

    Posted Image

    H09. Memory Card Slot

    Posted Image

    H10. AVIP Chart

    Posted Image

    -- Please note that I did not make this FAQ guide. This was made by a member over at Xbox-Scene named Brahm2. As he says through this big topic, and I would also say, I'm sorry if you screw up your Xbox doing any of this, but its not my fault. You will notice that almost all of the links are to Xbox-Scene pages. And considering this is there post, I will leave those there. I will try to update this as soon as I begin to hear more stuff, feel free to post new Q & A, and I will edit them in. I have tweaked this topic just a little to help it blend in more to iBotModz. Good luck on your hard modding, and have fun. --

    --I have added some stuff my self, but it would be great to make this as big as possible, if you have a good question and know the answer, post it here, and I will put it in. Also if you know a good tutorial, just post the link and I'll put it in. Thanks--

    #90274 IPB Login On your Custom HomePage

    Posted by Laxmonster54♥ on 22 May 2009 - 07:39 AM

    Add the Following code to your Website Where you Want the Login Box to Appear.

    <form action='http://yoursite.com/index.php?act=Login&CODE=01' method='post' name='theform'>
    <div align="left"><font size="1" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Username
    <input type='text' class='text' name='UserName'>
    <input type='password' class='text' name='PassWord'>
    <input name="submit" type='submit' class='submit' value='Login'>

    #92074 tut for giving a worker a grav ham/ brute shoot

    Posted by halo3 on 30 May 2009 - 05:48 PM

    for the tut go to this link: tut for grav ham/brute shoot

    #108710 IPB database to C#

    Posted by iTzoODavidOo on 28 October 2009 - 07:55 PM

    I want to make a app for my site but before i do i ned to no this.

    How can i connect my IPB database to c# so the members have to log in and it has be a certain usergoup to view stuff.

    Get meh drift. Hope you can help.

    #96781 Achievement Hacking

    Posted by Dark Slipstream on 27 June 2009 - 12:47 AM

    Modder: Mattyovers (iBotModz: matty0)
    Website: http://www.game-tuts.com/
    News Article: http://www.xboxic.com/news/5452


    Mattyovers decided to "hack" the achievements for the game Halo 3:ODST, which was to be released sometime in September 2009. Making them publicly viewable worldwide, he was questioned by a news reporter in his local city, as well as on Xboxic (link above), by a man by the name of Jason Andrews. In short note, Mattyovers was in beleif that because no where in the Microsoft/Xbox ToS (Terms of Service) did it mention unlocking unachievable achievements was not allowed, and that Microsoft could not legally do anything about it. He also so boldy clarified that if I am banned, I will leak more achievements.

    Good job Mattyovers, you have been banned, and your site was forced to be taken down. I hope you beleive you accomplished something, because you definitely pulled a stupid move.

    #94649 The Rep Thread

    Posted by Pargy on 14 June 2009 - 12:56 PM



    #105183 Halo 3: ODST .map Files (fr)

    Posted by robert_hehn on 02 September 2009 - 08:06 AM

    EDIT: Just go here for the maps: https://xboxdb.acces...=category&id=50

    #103565 Zombie Mods [Past Patch]

    Posted by ixGAMEOVERxixx on 18 August 2009 - 05:52 PM

    Now public.

    #121054 OH NOES ITS REDBAR!

    Posted by gruntmods on 13 July 2010 - 09:42 AM

    This is his website http://fuckaroundfilms.darkbb.com/
    his photobucket http://m628.photobuc...albums/Pwnage21
    Kudos to rework3d for finding.

    #112097 How do i get exploror 360 to open?

    Posted by bubbie10 on 18 January 2010 - 04:42 PM

    i downloaded exploror 360 from a post but it doest seem to open at all, it just says error and then it closes. can someone help me?

    #109842 my member title

    Posted by Lockon on 24 November 2009 - 03:12 AM

    well just to let you know it says "color of the sky,Color of the water"

    #106652 Sgt Johnson. For Free...

    Posted by artsoto on 24 September 2009 - 08:06 PM

    Posted Image

    There is no ConsoleLock on it, so you can simply put it onto your drive and use it.
    Heres a little Tutorial:

    How to get it working:
    Unrar the files
    Connect your HDD to comp
    Start Xplorer360
    Browse to "Partition 3\\Content\\0000000000000000\\4d530877\\00000002
    Drop the file in there
    DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.filefront...F4C73B6F13A184D

    #97231 Lolque?

    Posted by Decatur on 29 June 2009 - 09:22 PM

    Lol, que?

    #94302 Welcome to IPB 3.

    Posted by iBotPeaches on 12 June 2009 - 02:18 PM

    Welcome to IPB 3.

    I've stressed enough about it, I will keep this short and simple.

    Topic Markers are messed up, scroll to bottom left and click "Mark Board as Read"

    Important Things to Know
    -You need to change your uploader to the "flash" uploader so you can upload 20 images at once.
    -REP has been added
    -Forum stats are at bottom of Forum View
    -Lots of AJAX/Javascript
    -Forced to use Lo-Fi skin, if on iTouch or IE6 and lower
    -The Shoutbox and Downloads were just a conversion release, the new feature for those are coming later. Right now, they just converted them for the IPB 3 framework.
    -Your username will soon be the color of your usergroup. Tiny thing I forgot
    -IPB 3 works only good in Firefox 3, Safari 4 or Opera and kinda IE8.
    -I know people are complaining about the skin already. Frankly, I love it. I will add other skins once they come out
    -Signatures, Avatars and Posts are cached to a PHP file for increased loading times. So the more topics people visit the faster the site will become.

    Things you will hate
    -If your signature was past the limit, the upgrader removed it :(
    -All posts got re-counted :(

    Report all bugs in the Problems/Suggestions Forum. If you need help using the new IPB or anything, MSN me (ibotpeaches@ibotmodz.net) or AIM me (xboxhalopriceles) I'll be on for about 2 hours after the public release to fix problems and help people.

    Me and Twam did all the upgrading, hope you like it :)

    #62168 Battlezone 2

    Posted by Dataanti on 21 January 2009 - 10:11 AM

    This game was made in the year 1998, its very easy to mod and make maps and new ships, watever u want and its free cause pandemic doesnt care about it any more. This game has really good graphics if you max out the settings wich shouldnt be hard with todays computers. Also this game is NOT ILLEGAL TO MOD ONLINE!!!! OR ANYTHING, INFACT THEY ENCOURAGE IT!!! If u have a good PC then it should run no problem and the community is still VERY active at making patches and mods. check out the main site here http://www.bzunivers...forum/index.php
    and the mod dev site here http://www.bz2md.com/smf/portal.php and to DL it if you like it then DL from these links:


    part 1
    part 2
    part 3
    part 4
    part 5

    Then for the newest and l8est and gr8est patch so far DL here:


    If any of these links don't work then tell me wat 1 and ill fix it

    System Requirements:

    - Pentium 200MHz Pentium processor
    - 100% DirectX 6.0 or higher compliant 3-D video accelerator card with 4MB of RAM
    - 32MB RAM (64MB RAM will be required for certain video cards on lower end systems)
    - Windows 95/98 operating system
    - DirectX 6.0 or higher (download from Microsoft's web site at "www.microsoft.com/directx")
    - 100% Windows 95/98-compatible computer system (including compatible 32-bit drivers for video card, sound card, and input devices)
    - 100% DirectX 6.0 or higher compatible sound card
    - 100% Microsoft-compatible mouse and driver

    NOTE: It does run in Linux and maybe mac if you run it with W.I.N.E (W.I.N.E Wiki) but there could be some preformence problems.


    1. DL all parts to its own folder
    2. Extract to its own folder
    3. Inside folder, go to \Setup\Setup.exe
    4. Run game install (recomended to install to default)
    5. DL the 1.3pb4a patch
    6. Run patch install (recomended to install to default if the game install was installed to default)
    7. Run game and play

    To host you will have to open ports, you can ask at the BZUniverse forum for instructions

    HAVE FUN! :p

    #131598 It was fun.

    Posted by iBotPeaches on 27 October 2011 - 02:31 PM

    Does anyone just ever look back at this site and other sites, and say "wow that was 4 years ago". Most of us were just little kids interested in some part of modding. None of us really knew what we were doing, we were just vastly interested with this "modding". The community around Halo 2 built an empire, the amount of registrations on various sites was extreme. Sites were everywhere with the common idea: work together towards a goal. TMU Mods, Se7ensins, HaloMods, Xbox-Scene, HaloTech, HaloStrike, DarcNetworks, Zeromodz, and iBotModz all shared a part in this. Of course, the big one to remember was HaloMods. HM was the first site I joined, I was banned in about a month for something I still don't know. (hint why IBM was created).

    iBotModz started as a free forum software. I was a little kid. I had no money, no PayPal and no knowledge. Kudos to all the "hackers" that messed us up. You hacked a kid, hope it felt good. I was into action replay modding, and looking back at those files they all had 1000+ downloads, which is what brought a great deal of the members here. Halo 2 was removed from Action Replay sometime last year. I guess they couldn't hold what was probably 50+ GB of content and the constant stream of downloads anymore. We built a community and capitalized on a period of time that will probably never come again. We will never have the caring people, free tools, cheap modding, exploitable games, and cheap consoles again. I broke at least 10 normal xbox's and could afford to get more. Anyone could buy Action Replay for $15 bucks, and assuming they had the right games could softmod their xbox. It was cheap and easy. We're in a society now where this cheap form of modding is non-existent. You have to drop 100$ + to even begin modding. Point being, the time of the past isn't coming back. It's like Halley's Comet, its a once in a life time ride and we were part of it.

    I joined HaloMods, because I was spawned killed during a Halo 2 match and I was determined to find out and become just like that. Modding and online communities were a big chunk of my early childhood, whether I'd like to admit or not. These communities helped me find what I wanted to do with my life. I met some people online that I've known longer than some of my real friends. I still talk with some of you daily, and it was fun knowing you and watching where we all went as we grew up. Who knew that 5 years later I'd be a couple of years from a Computer Science degree, and that TheMasterSnail would be chasing storms in South Africa. Halo 2 and these online forums drove me into my college education. I'd like to think that iBotModz influenced a couple of people on their path of life.

    Kudos to everyone that was a part of this forum, and thanks for some great memories (as cheesy as it sounds). Here is a shout out to anyone I remember, who helped build iBotModz or this community.
    • blacklabelfosho - Helped a ton with hardware and really always knew things that no one else did.
    • fattwam - holy cow. We've been managing forums for a helluva a long time.
    • nielsss - Most might remember him as 'nox from H3 modding days, but nielsss was a great admin on the forumer site.
    • TheMasterSnail - I remember asking you to redo the permissions in the admin at least 5 times. Thanks for doing all of that, and bringing the constant funny to the site.
    • Xx Anarchy xX - Quite the GFX guy back then, then got into H3 (very good player) and then lost contact with him
    • AModderGuy - Was the first moderator and staff of iBotModz. We date back to Halo 2 online modding when I was still learning.
    • big4wheeler - Always looked at things and kept the community intact. Left to form his own site, and lost contact with him.
    • Dark Master - Always re-writing Xbox-Scene articles for our modding section, then lost contact after move to new site.
    • evilomen - I think you had a family. You were fixing xboxes all day. You single handily brought members to our site, just for your service.
    • IIx SnYpZ xII - You taught me host booting. You led me into security, and botnet research. My "botting" phrase of Halo 3 was caused by you.
    • secretdrummer123 - Consistent moderator, who helped out a lot in the GFX sections.
    • snowmon333 - Great moderator, always cleaning up those forums while I was away
    • laxmonster54 - I think you lived around me. I never was sure, but helped moderate from H2 -> Reach.
    • deathgrip_17 - You were our first "Moderator Leader". You looked over the moderators and really pulled them together.
    • Halo Modder 2000 - One of the first 5 members to join iBotModz. I was talking to him over Xbox Live when I launched the first iBotModz.
    • SmokiestGrunl - Perfection was always your goal. If it wasn't perfect, you wouldn't post it. You taught me how to make posts be neat. Helped administrate all the way to the current iBotModz.
    • BlAcK SpArK 271 - died, or "faked" his death on our old iBotModz. Never really knew for sure, but he was a great sig maker.
    • Zer0 Grav1ty -helped spark iBotModz weather he liked it or not, (I took content from his site).
    • lostmodz - brother of Zer0, remember him learning extremely quickly and soon publishing some really cool stuff.
    • JoeyBe11 - Hacked us. Don't really know what the point was. I don't know how we pissed other people off. I think it was because we grew soo fast, and were just a bunch of kids.
    • xX Legacy xX - Showed me Gears, and led me to another great video game series. Always making some strange topics (go to Off-Topic back in 08). Helped with moderating a ton.
    • melo - Has been every staff member position. Always had ideas for iBotModz, and some of them I didn't implement till years later. Your ideas were great, I was just stubborn.
    • SpAnKyX34 - Another great moderator. Never saw him after the move to the ibotmodz.co.nr site.
    • dyinghero27 - If my memory serves me, helped moderate the Xbox/Lobby section and was always moderating for nothing in return
    • Happy Buddah - Always critiqing sigs. Never stop lol.
    • Pyrosquirrell - Knew in real life, never gave up on my ideas.
    • Dan - put up with shit, but always would keep the site clean of spam.
    • Fatal Error - Joined the moderating team post Halo 2 and helped organize the forum moderating wise
    • Korupt Data - Joined post Halo 2 modding as well, and helped moderate.
    • Quinn - Never gave up and still helps to this day cleaning up spam and clearing those spam bots.
    • Dark Slipstream - You may of removed your content and left, but you brought at least 2000 members to the site and really helped make it what it was.
    • Rogue Modder - Holy cow. I watched you on various forums become quite a master at what you do. Your layouts and UIs are just beyond innovative.
    • yungbol - Some of your applications led me into C# and started my pathway on learning .NET. I owe you for knowing C#
    • gabe_k - Always talked online with you in some crazy xbox live parties.
    • EazyB - Created a petition against the staff, but otherwise helped bring truth to some matters brought up on this site.
    • mtwomg - Just starting fights with people. no, but really helped in the dev/debug area of Xbox 360
    • Slidell - Most posts without being Staff. Never asked nor seem to want it. Kudos for keeping the content up to date on IBM
    • Bigstack - You led me into server administration. Now, I manage one. I owe you.
    • AzzidReign - We started sites around the same time. Yours is doing amazing. Congrats.
    • neodos - You taught me so much about Halo 2. You helped a ton with the Phantom Mappack
    • DeToX - Holy crap. You were one of the best H2 program makers I knew.
    • xbox7887 - (creator of Yelo). We talked on aim a few times. The knowledge you had amazed me.
    • Prey - You had some tutorials that taught me some in-depth knowledge. Your 4 programs blew me away with their UI and usage that I wanted to program as good as you.
    • Iron_Forge - The update posts about Serenity gave me the interest to learn how to mod. I was amazed with your explanations of problems and how to solve them
    • Tural - You taught me how to solve problems. By constantly bashing me, and showing no interest to allow anyone in your "elite" group of friends. I learned how to solve problems by myself. A key thing in life, and I thank you for that.
    • CaptainPoopFace - Your creativity kept me modding through the slow parts of this community
    • robert_hehn - Your a windows server guy. Did you ever get that router I sent you? lol.
    • darkshallfall - I filmed your terminal mod. Never got a chance to know you.
    • matty0 - Always knowing your computer stuff. Added quite a lot of posts to the computer areas. Always helping members out.
    • itchy - You don't even speak English. We had some great talks on msn
    • Dataanti - You broke the forum layout with a garbage post. I posted it on IPB forums and got lots of credit for finding a bug. It was you though lol.
    • gruntmods - You had plenty of ideas to bring members back to iBotModz. I always had an open ear and was interested in them.
    • Kornman - Never had a chance to talk to you, but I'm envious of your engineering skills
    • Anthony - Sorry for bitching about H2Core a lot. I was a kid. Now I know how difficult that application is.
    • grimdoomer - Your applications are amazing and advance. Too bad its a few years late.
    To anyone I forgot. Its nothing personal. This was all from memory. If I forgot someone, I'll edit you in here. iBotModz has always been a hobby to me, never a business. I've never profited from this site. All money I ever received here was dumped back into the site some time in the future. It will always remain a hobby, and never a business. As long as I have the money to pay for the server, iBotModz will stay up. Regardless if there is 1 post a week.

    #108441 How-To Standby

    Posted by artsoto on 25 October 2009 - 01:38 AM

    First, you will need to be bridged host. Download: Auto Team Standby Cain and Abel and http://download.cnet...4-10797433.html

    1. When ready, have Auto Standby open already, and input UP: .7, DOWN: 1 for now.
    Posted Image
    2. Then, while in game (and host), press start:
    Posted Image

    3. Then, go to your Zone Alarm, and click on the firewall tab:
    Posted Image

    4. It should start moving by itself, you and also move it with the UP and DOWN arrows on your keyboard.

    If you go into black screen, press down on the arrow key so your tab is moving from Off-to-Med.

    If you need to set it at a high speed, may sure you press stop first, and then change the auto-standby times to your likings.

    Taken from Se7enSins
    If this helps Please give me a +rep.

    #103851 iBotModz - Post Generator

    Posted by Rogue Modder on 21 August 2009 - 07:37 PM

    iBotModz - Post Generator

    Made By: Dakote

    Posted Image

    Version Number: 1.0

    OS's Tested On: Vista, Windows 7, XP

    • Post Generator
    • Auto Login
    • Simple GUI

    • Login Issue, Just make a new Post and it will work

    Halo 3 Programs
    Posted Image

    Halo 2 Programs
    Posted Image

    Halo 3 Mods
    Posted Image

    Halo 2 Mods
    Posted Image

    Click Here!

    This post was Generated with the iBotModz post Generator, by Dakote

    #100927 Please Make me a sig

    Posted by Pargy on 28 July 2009 - 05:51 PM

    Take watcha get


    #104035 Cesar's Resources

    Posted by cesar13 on 23 August 2009 - 12:47 PM

    I'm getting PSDs together for you guys right now. Just be patient, I am organizing everything right now. I'll post in the shoutbox when something is up. There will be multiple packs I will be uploading. It'll just take time, because, well, uploading is a b!tch.

    Keep watching the thread :drool:

    P.S. Most of the PSDs I'm uploading are ones I've collected through the years of friends/other artists, so respect their work and don't rip. Credit goes to the artists. I will mention if I am the maker. Other than that, if I don't mention anything, then I am not who made them.

    Pack 1
    Status: Currently Uploading Note:Once you download, read the .txt file


    Cesar's Tags(Pack2)

    Info:Now for this pack, I am definitely not releasing untill I get +REP from each individual person that wants it. +REP and PM me that you have, I will make sure you did, and I will PM you the link. There are about 59 PSDs when I counted, I took a few off. They are not pro, they are decent, they have neat tricks I like to do. It should help you learn your way around and give you tips. Also on most of the PSDs I marked the layers that stay hidden in violet. In other words, unecessary layers. I was experimenting. DONE UPLOADING

    POST ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT ANY OF THE PSDs! I'll be glad to help you out, explaining what I did if you may not understand. I'll tell you guys right now, I blend a lot of images together, so you'll definitely learn something from this one. Take advantage of blend modes, opacity, and fill + gradient maps, etc.

    About: If someone rips any of my tags/layers WITHOUT PERMISSION, this means you can if you ask, but if you don't ask and I find out I'd like to ask iBotPeaches to ban the person or for a Mod to give me the person's IP so I can hit them offline. I don't want my tags ripped. Respect my request, it's not that hard to follow my rules. Do we have an understanding? Mod/Admit reply to my request about the ban/DDoS :drool:
    Preview: The ones you are able to see are not the only ones in the pack, there were too many to fit them all.
    Posted Image

    The reason I want +REP is so I know you've read what I typed up. Plus, I am giving them out for free, clicking +REP shouldn't be that hard. :D
    You can wear any of my tags in your signature, but you may not change anything on the tag, this meaning, placing your name on my signature. Credit me if you place it in your signature also.