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    In Topic: Halo 2 Modded Map-Pack Repository 2019 [Active]

    02 June 2019 - 05:12 PM

    Updated: 6/2/2019


    - Added PPF Noobs Mappack

    - Updated Minigames Mappack to v1.1

    - Updated DoorM4ns Legacy to V1.1

    - Added + Updated XLink-Kai Definitive Halo 2 to v1.1

    - Added Useful XBE's + Hudless/Weaponless Gamemode


    UPDATE 6/3/2019


    Xbe's have been updated, redownload if you downloaded them on 6/2/2019



    UPDATED 6/10/2019



    Updated XLink-Kai Definitive Halo 2 to v1.4

    Updated xbe's to v3



    UPDATED 6/17/2019


    Added Halo 2: Complete Edition

    Added Halo 2: Prophet/Bomber Edition

    In Topic: Halo 2 Modded Map-Pack Repository 2019 [Active]

    22 May 2019 - 05:22 PM

    When people play these mappacks on xlink kai do they do it with the autoupdate activated or deactivated? Just wondering if I need to patch all my mappack .xbes or not. 

    I couldn't tell you tbh, I don't play xlink kai nor do I use updates. If anything I only ever use the 1.5 xbe's just for ai and such but thats about it, i never install the actual update or use them for halo 2 as I have legit no reason to, and some mappacks can get screwey on updates 1.1 and 1.5 from what I have heard so I stay away from 1.1 and 1.5.



    - Also HockeyFans (Old Maps) cheating mappack has been added to the post as well as a personal pack I made based on DoorM4n's maps.



    EDIT: 5/23/2019


    Thanks to dominaters recent link to some racing maps which consisted of some of cam da mans maps and shadows maps, I built a special pack called MiniGames mappack, it has a total of
    - 25 Racing Maps
    - 3 Demo Derby Based Maps
    - 2 Paintball Maps
    - 3 Dodgeball Maps
    - 1 Boxing Map
    - 1 Soccer Map
    - 1 Ski Map
    -- I'm still going to work on the pack, however at this very moment i'm really needing some duck hunt based maps and yellow brick road if anybody has the patches for those.

    In Topic: Halo 2 Modded Map-Pack Repository 2019 [Active]

    13 May 2019 - 05:45 PM

    Added allied mappack 1-2months back, just now added United mappack v1.6 (rebuilt) includes most United maps, I think i'm missing just 1 map, the mapapck will be updated with map images and a okay mainmenu once the last map is found.

    I also updated AI revision xbox 360 compatibility files, this fixes a few bugs with the mainmenu, the main one being the broken start screen! I however could not fix the red scrollbar minor image corruption. 

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    10 May 2019 - 02:03 AM


    In Topic: Halo 2 Modded Map-Pack Repository 2019 [Active]

    03 May 2019 - 01:03 AM

    Man I love aurora. It just feels good to scroll through all those covers. It was a pain to set up though. I probably spend more time “curating” my game library in my 360 than actually playing games these days lol. Yeah I tried every .xbe or “ai in mp” patch I could find but always locked up on the main menu.

    I downloaded the mimesis reborn pack last night. I’ll load it up today. I left the community around the time mimesis was getting going so it’ll be fun to visit all those maps I missed out on.

    Just keep in mind back in those days I wasn't around, I was so behind, I bought halo 2 the day halo 3 released lmao (I didn't even know halo 3 was being released that day) I was a poor lad and finally saved enough to get halo 2 as well as the original MP mappack that day lmao. With me not really modding halo 2 very much at all, I learned pretty much everything by myself to make my own map as well as learn how to compile a mappack and make fixs etc for the broken packs. It took me maybe 1-2month learning process with just guess work, most mimieses maps are actually in killtrocity and phantom by default, anyways my own crash derby based map i threw into mimesis, i also included a specific gamemode to go with it so the map works properly as it can. I'm still noobish with halo 2 modding as is, I havent worked on halo 2 in maybe 3-4 months ish, so I basically forgot most of what I learned but it was fun to say the least! I say learned most by myself mostly because alot of tuts have broken images, broken english text so on and so forth. 


    I want to like aurora but due to how my games are setup I get hundreds of thousands of xbe's and xex files loaded into aurora and it makes it very difficult for me to even categorize it correctly lol, So I just stick to xex menu since I'm more used to it, to me it's faster also considering I have game series based games in one folder etc, idk how to explain it and it make perfect sense haha I just can't use Aurora or FSD because of that, now if I need to ftp or like do a quick game update test sure i'll use it but thats about it.