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    Kickbox at Ultimate Fighting System. Love UFC
    Love Music, heavy metal metal whatever as long as its good.
    Yo im reading the first book of the halo series getting the graphic novel. The first book doesnt have much of matser chief. The first book is called,"Halo: First Strike". Although im only on the 13th chapter its still good. Ok now i need modz. Getting my laptop 4 christmas, i call it the GAMING/MODDING laptop! Suggest a laptop 4 me, an apple, windows, mac, whatever! Just suggest one.

    Sincerely, DANNYbOy11


    Part 2:

    Hey I have a video game idea. I want to share it with you, please write your opinion of it in the posting box below.
    First of all, the game is called "Life". Not based on the bord game. Just read everything below and you find out alot about my vision please put your honest opinion. No that game looks like a pile of :orly:. Just if you dont think it sounds good just put,"In my opinion I really do think the game sounds wierd, awkward, whatever". So read everything below. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS I WILL PUT MY ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS AT THE END OR MY INSPIRATIONS WHATEVER THEY ARE PLEASE COMMENT ON THE GAME!

    MAIN MENU- Ok there will be 4 choices of gameplay, STORY MODE(the complete "life" of a human being, also if you have Xbox LIVE you can play with other people who are in the process of playing)Your second option of gameplay is QUICK MODE (which is where you can choose what time of "Life" you want to play in, suppose birth, or childhood, maybe teens, or just plain old audulthood).Your third option is FUN GAMES (which is where you can race, see who can make the most money in a week, make games, you know the fun stuff) Your fourth option of gameplay is TROUBLE MAKER (which is where you can do the bad things in life, like rob places, ding-dong- ditch, mess with old people, beat other people up, the usual bad things)

    STORY MODE: First you are born, dont worry you get to choose your gender/sex. Next you get to pick your name. You get home. Next you are the usual baby. You could choose to be the loving quiet sweet baby, or the devil mom piss-er off no eating spitting up crying cranky monster. Next days, months, weeks pass and your 1 year old. The usual 1 year old. This is the stage where you can develope more options of movement, voice, and emotions. When you become 2 years old (this ussually take about a week and 3 days) you can start walking, this may be difficult but it depends. As you get older you learn new ways of playing the game. Once your at about 5 you start having to go to school. (as you did in the age of 4 possibly 3) You start getting questions on tests and such. As you grow these questions/tests/homework start getting harder. Once you are 18 you will be thrown out of your house. Luckily you are already in college at this stage (16-18) This is where the world is your playground. You are on your own. You can make friends. Meet girl friends or boy friends. Obviously it gets harder as the days and years go by. As you get older life gets harder. You get married. Having kids is optional. But a cool feature is that you can buy basicly any type of clothing or anything really. Toys, games, clothes, all that stuff. But lateer on when reach the older ages like 60, 80 whatever you start losing options as well as gaining them. When you start getting older you suddenly die. This is the part where you see your stats, and judge the way you lived. If you are sattisfied with your life move on. If you are not happy well, still move on. This game is really supposed to be about what you could change about you and what you could keep.


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