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    • Added on: Oct 30 2010 04:17 AM
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    How to change led colour in a play and charge kit.

    Mod LEDs inside play and charge kit.

    Posted by jmdalmighty on Oct 30 2010 04:17 AM
    Items required
    Play and charge kit
    2 different coloured 0603 LEDs 
    Soldering iron 
    <2.0 flat head screwdriver

    First of remove the cover use your flat head or equivalent (I used a blunt pair of  scissors) be careful not to damage the plastic work you way around the edges.
    Posted Image

    Once opened you need to remove those two screws. 
    Posted Image

    Now remove the plastic guard to show the led. 
    Posted Image

    Remove the led by bridging both sides and the apply heat to both sides to float the led off. 
    Posted Image

    Put ur new LEDs on the polarity is on the board. The top is the charging( origanaly red, bottom was green, charged) H3&J1 are +
    Posted Image

    Give it a quick test and if you did it correctly it shuld work. 
    Posted Image

    Final product. 
    Posted Image

    By Jmd Almighty. 

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