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    • Added on: Jul 21 2010 10:12 AM
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    How to change your IP address

    A way

    Posted by Pr3sT0 on Jul 21 2010 10:12 AM
    1.First you go to start down in the bottom left look around on the start menu and find search.

    2.Click search and type in CMD.

    3.Once you type that in the command prompt will pop up.

    4.Then right where your cursor is type this exactly: Ipconfig/release

    5.Once you type that in your internet connection will be released or just put away at the moment no worries you will get it back.

    6.Now leave everything open you had before and go to the start button again and click my computer

    7.Once you click that another window opens and then you right click my network places and click properties.

    8.You now have all of your connections in front of you.

    9. Right click the one that is disconnected and or the one you usually are on. and then click properties again.

    10.Look down the list for Internet protocol (TCP/IP) Once you find it double click it and choose the marker to use the following IP address.

    11.Then change it to whatever you want but make it under 200 for every spot in the IP.

    12.Now click on subnet mask and click tab and make sure it stays that way and leave default gateway alone or blank.

    13.Then click ok (were not done yet) Now you can check your IP with command prompt by typing in just ipconfig.

    14.But if you want to get your interenet connection working again follow this.

    15.Go back to my network places right click it go to properties again.

    16.Right click on the connection you did before and click properties again.

    17.Then check obtain an IP address automatically. then select ok and Ta da Your IP Address has been changed to what you wanted it to be!

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