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    Changing the Multiplayer Elites to be Honor Guards

    halo 2 honor guard modding tutorial elite character swapping xbox entity h2x multiplayer

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    Posted 14 April 2016 - 01:33 AM

    What you’ll need:

    • A Multiplayer Map (I will be using coagulation.map)
    • 05a_deltaapproach.map
    • Entity 2.1.24


    I recommend reading the whole tutorial before starting, and also not to skip any steps along the way; however unnecessary they may seem.


    [ Exporting elite.hlmt ]


    1 ] Make a copy of 05a_deltaapproach.map


    2 ] Open Entity and open the new copy of 05a_deltaapproach.map


    3 ] Go to the hlmt tag and open objects\characters\elite\elite





    4 ] Set the Reference Editor to display Indents. Do this by right-clicking anywhere on the Grid View, select Display, then Indents





    5 ] Select Dialogue[0] to Dialogue[12], right click Dialogue[12] and select Floodfill Swap


    6 ] In the Indent Swapper, change the asset to Nulled Out and click Swap Indent





    7 ] With the elite hlmt still selected, click Save, then make and select a new folder somewhere called hltm_elite, click OK





    8 ] A window will pop up titled “Enter new name for Meta”, just leave it as elite and click Export Recursively, it’ll say done, click OK





    9 ] Close Entity, and delete the copy of 05a_deltaapproach.map as we no longer need it.


    [ Importing and Fixing elite.hlmt ]


    10 ] Open Entity again, and open your map, click Build (bottom right), a file picker will open, navigate to the elite_hlmt folder you made, select elite.info, click Open, it’ll say done, click OK





    11 ] Go to the hlmt tag and select object\characters\elite\elite, and set the Reference Editor to show Indents again (See step 4)


    12 ] In the Reference Editor select: Dialogue[0], Dialogue[2], Dialogue[4], Dialogue[6], Dialogue[8], Dialogue[10], and Dialogue[12]





    13 ] Then right click Dialogue[12], and choose Floodfill Swap again, change the Tag (first dropdown) to by udlg, then the Asset (second dropdown) to be sound\dialog\combat\elite_loose, click Swap Indent




    14 ] In the grid view again, select Animations[0], right click, click Swap, and change the asset to be object\characters\dervish\dervish, click Swap Indent





    [ Setting the player to be the Honor Guard ]


    15 ] Now go to the bipd tag, and select objects\characters\elite\elite_mp


    16 ] In the grid view, select Model[0], right click it, click Swap, leave the Tag as hlmt, change the Asset to be object\characters\elite\elite, click Swap Indent





    17 ] You now need to refresh the string list, unfortunately this means closing and re-opening the map. So close Entity, re-open it, open up your map, go to the bipd tag, and re-select objects\characters\elite\elite_mp to get back to where we were. (Phew!)


    18 ] Set the Reference Editor to display Strings. Do this by right-clicking anywhere on the Grid View, select Display, then Strings


    19 ] Right click Default Model Variant[0], then choose Swap


    20 ] In the String Swapper window, search for “honor_dog”, then when it is highlighted in the list, click Select





    Finished! Well done!






    Q: Why did we make a copy of 05a_deltaapproach.map only to delete it later?

    A: Because we nulled out a lot of its references before exporting it


    Q: Why did we null the Dialogues to un-null them after?

    A: elite_loose.udlg already exists in the multiplayer maps but with a lot of sounds stripped out, allowing Entity to add in the missing sounds drastically increases the file size; and the other udlg we nulled out just isn’t needed.

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    Stolen Ruby

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    Posted 14 April 2016 - 01:36 AM

    I haven't seen this done before, so I thought I'd share it here. If you have any questions feel free to ask!