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    Xbox One: electric boogaloo (How to botch a launch)

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    Posted 22 May 2013 - 05:13 PM

    Xbox One will have a used game fee, as well as a DRM that they're not giving any specific details on.


    "Speaking to CVG this afternoon, the corporate VP confirmed that Xbox One players who activate a pre-owned retail disc will need to pay the same price as the original buyer in order to access its content."




    I'd recommend reading the full article.


    Anyway, from what I gather you buy a used game from gamestop for x amount of dollars, then have to pay a fee on top of that. I can't imagine it's the full retail price though, I mean, I know that's what he seems to have said, but, I mean, they can't be that fucking stupid. In addition the xbox one will feature mandatory installs, which as I explained in the shout box, is a detriment to they system, obviously. One, because of the small hard drive space, and as time goes on games will take up more and more space, and because the ability to just pop in a disc and play is one of the few advantages consoles have over PCs.


    Also the xbox one seems to have some sort of DRM but they're not getting specific, we'll probably hear about it at E3, obviously not at their panel, but afterwards.




    No backwards compatibility for the Xbox One


    "If you're backwards compatible, you really are backwards." MS's actual stance on backwards compatibility.






    Xbox TV won't work out of the box, will require an additional cable box with an HDMI (basically standard now) and is only available in the US.


    "The service will not be supported out of the box; Xbox One Live TV will require a separate supported receiver device with HDMI output to work."






    Xbox One will only work with Kinect attached to it.


    "Am I right in saying the Xbox One will only work when the Kinect is attached to it?


    Kinect also spies on you.


    "With the new [Kinect], I had the demo earlier, and it seems like it's tracking an awful lot. While I'm playing a game, you're tracking my heart rate, my attention. Am I looking at the screen? Am I distracted? Am I smiling?

    We should be careful in how we characterize those features. Those are features that are available to game developers. You think about emotion or where your head's looking; these are tools that a game designer can use in developing the game and creating more immersion. The amount of capabilities in Kinect has grown tremendously. But the data that it's collecting is really specific to the experience that you're in.


    It seems like the kind of data that could be theoretically collected and then used to influence [future developers] for a sequel or something.

    I won't just focus on Kinect because I think about how far somebody gets in a game, where the pinch-points are, where do people fail. All those analytic capabilities are really important to us in designing future iterations of games and finding out what people love. That capability to the developer is really important as they try to get better at their craft and make better experience. But we obviously want to put the gamer in control of what data gets shared"






    Not particuarly relevent to the Xbox One, but Kinect caused problems for people watching the stream on xbox, when the presenter said "Xbox live" or "Xbox..." whatever, the stream would cut out.






    Developers are unhappy with the Xbox One







    So, a 500 gig hard drive, which is already small and outdated, in a few years SSDs will be standard, mandatory install for games, if you want to get a larger HDD, you'd likely need to buy an entire new system (We apple now) a used game fee, some form of DRM, a focus on the casual market, no backwards compatibility, a focus on social media, from the presentation it still seems ads are everywhere, no real word on GPU power, or CPU power, you have to buy an additional product to use Live TV, (which is only available in the US) and I'm betting we'll see both an XBL gold price increase, and a game price increase.







    So, in closing. Who is going to buy this?