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    Guitar Hero 3 Customs!

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    Posted 04 March 2008 - 07:00 PM

    Guitar Hero For Wii has been officially hacked and able to run CUSTOMS! (need modded wii)

    Guide to Custom Songs on Guitar Hero III: Wii
    by: Wiithief
    *I take no credit for this I only tested it and helped write a Guide.*
    credit goes to:

    GameZelda for DATEdit and QBgen
    Unsteadycarrot for Testing It
    MrGiles for Testing It
    and everybody else at scorehero.com

    : Note this is for the "MONO" Version I will tell you different at certain steps for the stereo version.

    Files needed to do this
    Trucha Signer http://gbatemp.net/i...p?download=1909
    key.bin - Google
    Audacity v1.3.4 http://www.audacity.com
    fsbank.exe http://www.fmod.org/...odapi375win.zip
    DATEdit http://www.savefile.com/files/1414890
    QBgen http://www.savefile.com/files/1417335
    an MP3 file
    a Note Chart in ".chart" format

    0. Set up trucha signer (you only need to ever do this once)
    1. Dump Wii version of Guitar Hero 3 to your PC.
    2. open the GHIII.iso with trucha signer link: http://gbatemp.net/i...p?download=1909
    3. extract the .dat and .wad of the song you wish to replace (located in the music directory)
    4. open audacity (must be v.1.3.4)
    5. load mp3 of the song you wish to use
    *Skip steps 6-9 it YOU HAVE A STEREO WII GAME!
    6. split stereo tracks (drop down menu on audio track)
    7. make both tracks mono (drop down menu on each audio track)
    8. select the :track button from tom menu bar
    9. select :mix and render
    10. change project rate to 33075 (BOTTOM LEFT CORNER of Audacity!)
    11. export as .wav file from :File menu
    *save it as the song you are replacing "i.e. slowride_song.wav"
    12. reopen it in audacity to see if changes took.
    --Now you have the "song file GHIII can use.--

    **. Next are the Guitar and Rhythm Tracks "i.e. slowride_guitar.wav* and the slowride_rhythm.wav*"
    13. load up that track you just made and erase all but the 1st second or so.
    14. export as i.e., slowride_guitar.wav, and slowride_rhythm.wav.
    --Now you have the Guitar and Rhythm tracks--
    * = KEEP these and just rename accordingly, unless of course you have the real guitar/rhythm mp3s for the song

    Pick about 15 sec of that song and save that one as i.e. slowride_preview.wav
    11. Now you have all 4 files needed

    12. Lastly put each one of those 3-4 files in there own folder and name them respectfully.
    eg folder name = song - contains slowride_song.wav
    = rhythm - contains slowride_rhythm.wav

    Follow below guide on how to replace FSB files
    ---The files you just created are compiled into an FSB file for the game.---

    1. Get fsbank.exe (official tool to make FSB files). It's in the "tools" folder of the extracted files.
    2. - Make 3-4 FSB files (one per each folder) with the default options,
    *but only change the "Format" to IMA ADPCM. @ bottom left corner of program.*
    -make sure to keep the file names exactly the same.
    3. You should have 3 files in each of your 3-4 folders by now.
    1. a .wav file
    2. a .H file
    3. a .fsb file..... If there is no .fsb after the name add it now.

    Now lets compile all those files into the .wad and .dat files.
    Download the following program.
    DATEdit - tool to extract/play/replace the FSB files in the DAT/WAD container.
    link: http://www.savefile.com/files/1414890

    *Program Buttons*
    Open - Just open a file. Click it, select the DAT file, then the WAD file.
    Extract - Extracts the selected files as FSB.
    Play - Plays the selected files
    Replace - EXPERIMENTAL feature to replace the FSB files.
    Save - Save the changes made by the "Replace" option.

    1. Click open
    2. Select the extracted .dat file "MUST BE THE SAME SONG AS ALL THE FILES YOU JUST CREATED!"
    3. Select the extracted .wad file
    4. Replace the 3-4 files for song, guitar, rhythm, and preview. Select and hit replace.
    *you can test the file by selecting it and pressing play.*
    5. Remember to press "Save" after replacing the files.
    6- Put the DAT and the WAD files inside the Wii ISO again.

    You now have new audio!

    This is for the note chart part.

    1. Go over to scorehero.com
    2. Become a member of there lovely community and browse through some note charts.
    3. Download the one that corresponds with your selected song.
    4. Make a new folder and save it in there.
    5. Download QBgen link: http://www.savefile.com/files/1417335
    6. Save it in the save folder as your chart.
    7. Extract the i.e. slowride.pak.ngc file that corresponds with all your other changes.
    *It is in the "songs folder" under the same partition.
    8. Open QBgen.exe
    9. Type the exact name of your downloaded chart. With the ".chart" at the end. Press Enter
    10. Enter the number code for the song you want to replace. eg slowride = 60
    11. Type the .pak you extracted. "i.e. slowride.pak.ngc" press enter
    12. Type 1 press enter Type 2 press enter (if there is no 2, press 1 again)
    13. Save and Close

    Add that .pak file back in to your .iso
    Sign the partition and Burn!

    how to add custom videos to GH3 wii
    by: Unsteadycarrot
    download Pssplex* - http://files.filefro...;/fileinfo.html

    download radtools - http://www.radgameto...com/bnkdown.htm

    download vdubmod - http://www.afterdawn...rtualdubmod.cfm

    * - only needed if you wish to convert a video from gh 1,2 or 80's

    in this example ill be converting the gh2 intro for gh3

    1. first seperate the intro.pss using pssplex, this will seperate the file into a video file - m2v and an audio file - wav.

    2. open up virtual dub

    3. file-open video- select the m2v file

    4. stream-stream list-press add- choose the wav file- press ok

    5. video-frame rate - in the second section theres an option that says "convert to fps" tick it and type in 59.94 press ok

    6. file-save as-intro.avi

    7. open radtools

    8. browse to and highlight the intro.avi

    9. press the "bink it" button

    10. set the height to 368 and the width 640 (middle section)

    11. set the audio to 44000mhz and sample rate to 16bit mono (bottom section)

    12. convert as intro.bik

    12. replace the intro.bik in the gh3 wii iso with this new one using trucha

    13. sign and burn