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    It was fun.

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    #1 iBotPeaches


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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 02:31 PM

    Does anyone just ever look back at this site and other sites, and say "wow that was 4 years ago". Most of us were just little kids interested in some part of modding. None of us really knew what we were doing, we were just vastly interested with this "modding". The community around Halo 2 built an empire, the amount of registrations on various sites was extreme. Sites were everywhere with the common idea: work together towards a goal. TMU Mods, Se7ensins, HaloMods, Xbox-Scene, HaloTech, HaloStrike, DarcNetworks, Zeromodz, and iBotModz all shared a part in this. Of course, the big one to remember was HaloMods. HM was the first site I joined, I was banned in about a month for something I still don't know. (hint why IBM was created).

    iBotModz started as a free forum software. I was a little kid. I had no money, no PayPal and no knowledge. Kudos to all the "hackers" that messed us up. You hacked a kid, hope it felt good. I was into action replay modding, and looking back at those files they all had 1000+ downloads, which is what brought a great deal of the members here. Halo 2 was removed from Action Replay sometime last year. I guess they couldn't hold what was probably 50+ GB of content and the constant stream of downloads anymore. We built a community and capitalized on a period of time that will probably never come again. We will never have the caring people, free tools, cheap modding, exploitable games, and cheap consoles again. I broke at least 10 normal xbox's and could afford to get more. Anyone could buy Action Replay for $15 bucks, and assuming they had the right games could softmod their xbox. It was cheap and easy. We're in a society now where this cheap form of modding is non-existent. You have to drop 100$ + to even begin modding. Point being, the time of the past isn't coming back. It's like Halley's Comet, its a once in a life time ride and we were part of it.

    I joined HaloMods, because I was spawned killed during a Halo 2 match and I was determined to find out and become just like that. Modding and online communities were a big chunk of my early childhood, whether I'd like to admit or not. These communities helped me find what I wanted to do with my life. I met some people online that I've known longer than some of my real friends. I still talk with some of you daily, and it was fun knowing you and watching where we all went as we grew up. Who knew that 5 years later I'd be a couple of years from a Computer Science degree, and that TheMasterSnail would be chasing storms in South Africa. Halo 2 and these online forums drove me into my college education. I'd like to think that iBotModz influenced a couple of people on their path of life.

    Kudos to everyone that was a part of this forum, and thanks for some great memories (as cheesy as it sounds). Here is a shout out to anyone I remember, who helped build iBotModz or this community.
    • blacklabelfosho - Helped a ton with hardware and really always knew things that no one else did.
    • fattwam - holy cow. We've been managing forums for a helluva a long time.
    • nielsss - Most might remember him as 'nox from H3 modding days, but nielsss was a great admin on the forumer site.
    • TheMasterSnail - I remember asking you to redo the permissions in the admin at least 5 times. Thanks for doing all of that, and bringing the constant funny to the site.
    • Xx Anarchy xX - Quite the GFX guy back then, then got into H3 (very good player) and then lost contact with him
    • AModderGuy - Was the first moderator and staff of iBotModz. We date back to Halo 2 online modding when I was still learning.
    • big4wheeler - Always looked at things and kept the community intact. Left to form his own site, and lost contact with him.
    • Dark Master - Always re-writing Xbox-Scene articles for our modding section, then lost contact after move to new site.
    • evilomen - I think you had a family. You were fixing xboxes all day. You single handily brought members to our site, just for your service.
    • IIx SnYpZ xII - You taught me host booting. You led me into security, and botnet research. My "botting" phrase of Halo 3 was caused by you.
    • secretdrummer123 - Consistent moderator, who helped out a lot in the GFX sections.
    • snowmon333 - Great moderator, always cleaning up those forums while I was away
    • laxmonster54 - I think you lived around me. I never was sure, but helped moderate from H2 -> Reach.
    • deathgrip_17 - You were our first "Moderator Leader". You looked over the moderators and really pulled them together.
    • Halo Modder 2000 - One of the first 5 members to join iBotModz. I was talking to him over Xbox Live when I launched the first iBotModz.
    • SmokiestGrunl - Perfection was always your goal. If it wasn't perfect, you wouldn't post it. You taught me how to make posts be neat. Helped administrate all the way to the current iBotModz.
    • BlAcK SpArK 271 - died, or "faked" his death on our old iBotModz. Never really knew for sure, but he was a great sig maker.
    • Zer0 Grav1ty -helped spark iBotModz weather he liked it or not, (I took content from his site).
    • lostmodz - brother of Zer0, remember him learning extremely quickly and soon publishing some really cool stuff.
    • JoeyBe11 - Hacked us. Don't really know what the point was. I don't know how we pissed other people off. I think it was because we grew soo fast, and were just a bunch of kids.
    • xX Legacy xX - Showed me Gears, and led me to another great video game series. Always making some strange topics (go to Off-Topic back in 08). Helped with moderating a ton.
    • melo - Has been every staff member position. Always had ideas for iBotModz, and some of them I didn't implement till years later. Your ideas were great, I was just stubborn.
    • SpAnKyX34 - Another great moderator. Never saw him after the move to the ibotmodz.co.nr site.
    • dyinghero27 - If my memory serves me, helped moderate the Xbox/Lobby section and was always moderating for nothing in return
    • Happy Buddah - Always critiqing sigs. Never stop lol.
    • Pyrosquirrell - Knew in real life, never gave up on my ideas.
    • Dan - put up with shit, but always would keep the site clean of spam.
    • Fatal Error - Joined the moderating team post Halo 2 and helped organize the forum moderating wise
    • Korupt Data - Joined post Halo 2 modding as well, and helped moderate.
    • Quinn - Never gave up and still helps to this day cleaning up spam and clearing those spam bots.
    • Dark Slipstream - You may of removed your content and left, but you brought at least 2000 members to the site and really helped make it what it was.
    • Rogue Modder - Holy cow. I watched you on various forums become quite a master at what you do. Your layouts and UIs are just beyond innovative.
    • yungbol - Some of your applications led me into C# and started my pathway on learning .NET. I owe you for knowing C#
    • gabe_k - Always talked online with you in some crazy xbox live parties.
    • EazyB - Created a petition against the staff, but otherwise helped bring truth to some matters brought up on this site.
    • mtwomg - Just starting fights with people. no, but really helped in the dev/debug area of Xbox 360
    • Slidell - Most posts without being Staff. Never asked nor seem to want it. Kudos for keeping the content up to date on IBM
    • Bigstack - You led me into server administration. Now, I manage one. I owe you.
    • AzzidReign - We started sites around the same time. Yours is doing amazing. Congrats.
    • neodos - You taught me so much about Halo 2. You helped a ton with the Phantom Mappack
    • DeToX - Holy crap. You were one of the best H2 program makers I knew.
    • xbox7887 - (creator of Yelo). We talked on aim a few times. The knowledge you had amazed me.
    • Prey - You had some tutorials that taught me some in-depth knowledge. Your 4 programs blew me away with their UI and usage that I wanted to program as good as you.
    • Iron_Forge - The update posts about Serenity gave me the interest to learn how to mod. I was amazed with your explanations of problems and how to solve them
    • Tural - You taught me how to solve problems. By constantly bashing me, and showing no interest to allow anyone in your "elite" group of friends. I learned how to solve problems by myself. A key thing in life, and I thank you for that.
    • CaptainPoopFace - Your creativity kept me modding through the slow parts of this community
    • robert_hehn - Your a windows server guy. Did you ever get that router I sent you? lol.
    • darkshallfall - I filmed your terminal mod. Never got a chance to know you.
    • matty0 - Always knowing your computer stuff. Added quite a lot of posts to the computer areas. Always helping members out.
    • itchy - You don't even speak English. We had some great talks on msn
    • Dataanti - You broke the forum layout with a garbage post. I posted it on IPB forums and got lots of credit for finding a bug. It was you though lol.
    • gruntmods - You had plenty of ideas to bring members back to iBotModz. I always had an open ear and was interested in them.
    • Kornman - Never had a chance to talk to you, but I'm envious of your engineering skills
    • Anthony - Sorry for bitching about H2Core a lot. I was a kid. Now I know how difficult that application is.
    • grimdoomer - Your applications are amazing and advance. Too bad its a few years late.
    To anyone I forgot. Its nothing personal. This was all from memory. If I forgot someone, I'll edit you in here. iBotModz has always been a hobby to me, never a business. I've never profited from this site. All money I ever received here was dumped back into the site some time in the future. It will always remain a hobby, and never a business. As long as I have the money to pay for the server, iBotModz will stay up. Regardless if there is 1 post a week.

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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 03:40 PM

    i've been here a long time :) i came to share my random glitch video's of halo 3 rather than modding. glad to hear itl stay around. i like to dip in from time to time

    #3 maxterchief



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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 04:00 PM

    Ahh! iBot Modz! It has been so long! I don't know if anyone remembers me, I joined long long ago. I released a few fun-mods too. I was friends with AModderGuy but I don't know if he remembers me. Anyways, thank you for the great community. It was the first community I had ever been in. I was a console gamer until modding came around, then I went down the path of computing. I have gone far since then, and I owe some thanks to this community. Thank you guys!

    #4 evilomen



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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 04:31 PM

    Wow, this site takes me back. Thanks for the mention dude, while I never modded halo, I like to think that I left my mark on the Xbox Modding world. I don't remember why I stopped logging on here, but I never stopped modding. Thanks peaches for bringing together so many people with this site. You have done good.

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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 04:35 PM

    O hai guys!

    Been here since the former days. lol Ive always kinda checked in. People move on to bigger and better things. Yes peaches, I live semi close. Probably about an hour away or so. I Had a blast on this site when I was younger. Kinda sad to see it slow down like this. Ibotmodz was the first form I ever came across. I learned so much from here. XxAnarachyxX was the first person I came into contact with here. I learned everything I could about graphic design from him. I now do it for a living. So I guess I could say, because of this site I have a career and am making a great living. I made a lot of friends on this site. Shout out to Melo, Happy Buddah Peaches, Blacklabelfosho, Fattwam, Themastersnail, Big4wheeler and any other I may have forgot to mention. I spent years and countless hours on this site. Looking back I wish I could have done more. Like I said its been a great run, but everyone has to move on at some point.

    Love ya guys.
    Peace -Laxmonster54 <3

    #6 leprosexy



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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 04:59 PM

    I was never a particularly active member, more of a lurker, but I greatly enjoyed all of the people who made the information presented through this site so accessible. It made my Xbox days amazingly more fun and for that I will always be appreciative.

    Also, learning that consoles could be hacked has been something I carry over even to today, and modding the Xbox gave me the confidence to mod other systems (PSP, Wii, Xbox 360) even though those were (sometimes) not even full soft-mods.

    It's interesting how the little things can work together to make a memorable experience.

    I bet someday I'll be recalling to my children how we used to play video games on these things called consoles, and I was one of the few who actually modded mine. It makes me feel like the hackers of old; a small select sub-group doing cool stuff to circumnavigate normal rules and conventions.

    Thanks to all of you.


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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 05:26 PM

    hey guys :D

    i still have two modded xbox originals with plenty of halo2 mods.. just no time. they arnt even put together right now.

    I miss these sites and this was one of my favorites. Got alot of cool maps from this site.

    It was fun <3

    edit: i guess i didnt post much but this was one of the good sites.

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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 06:05 PM

    I'd like to think that iBotModz influenced a couple of people on their path of life.

    Kudos to everyone that was a part of this forum, and thanks for some great memories (as cheesy as it sounds). Here is a shout out to anyone I remember, who helped build iBotModz or this community.[list]

    [*]SpAnKyX34 - Another great moderator. Never saw him after the move to the ibotmodz.co.nr site.

    Well, here goes, I'm typing this in notepad and then just copy and paste it into the post. This is all for you peaches. Wow, where do I even start? I guess I'll begin with the first quote up there I have. This may sound corny but you know what? I don't care. This so called "scene" made me who I am today. Yes, it all began when I was a very young kid before I was even a teenager. I am now 19 and going to Penn State University majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Ibotmodz was not just a website to me, but the founder to my future. Yes I was a moderate here while I was very young and most people who used any of my mods or had recieved help from probably never knew that I was probably no older than 14 at the time. It's kinda funny, I was actually a Co-Administrator for a few weeks too but glady resigned from that position. That was due to me creating the graphics forums that I'm sure people who read this came to know and love. I'm not bragging by any means, and peaches you may not even remember. But this site was a big deal to my childhood. If it wasn't for this site, who knows what I would be doing today. I remember sitting on my computer while I had friends over and they would just b*tch at me because I would be making mods for Halo 2 :p. But at the same time they all loved them as they were sitting on my couch playing with them. Some of those names in the list were pretty close friends of mine back in the day. I remember playing halo all the time with peaches, discussing what mods to make next/ where to take the modding scene. And peaches, I feel honored that you even remember me. Yeah I guess I kinda did just disappear but I never left ;) trust me. I would also peek on the forums every now and then and see how everything was evolving. It truly has been a great run and I hope that we can still keep in contact although the site has faded.

    Your infamous veteran Mod/Admin,

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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 06:24 PM

    Sad to say that this is the result of most modding sites today, but it was a good run. I wasn't that much of a contributing member but i did use the site often for downloads and helpful tools. Thanks for everything peaches and best of luck to all!

    GT- Josh or Chromeo

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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 07:10 PM

    I've been on this site for quite awhile, since the ibotmodz.co.nr, and I've truly enjoyed every moment of it. The way I got here was google searching "Halo 2 Mods" on google, and ibotmodz came up. Being a little kid at the time, I was shy and timid, and only lurked and read the forums, not even registering as a member, just reading anything that people posted. Eventually, I wanted to finally start modding, and I doubt you remember this peaches, but I emailed you asking you to help me dual-wield energy swords on zanzibar and how to increase the lunge range on the sword. And despite me being inept on anything modding, you still helped me out and sent me action replay save. Really peaches, from that moment forward, I was committed to learning all that I could about modding, and it was because of you. Thank you, and thank you to all the members of this site for contributing, you have all truly influenced my life and who I am.

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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 07:14 PM

    I don't know if any of you remember me, but I recognize a lot of y'alls names.

    Reading through some of these posts have been sad and has brought up some old memories. It reminds me of the "old days" of modding and how so much has changed in these past 4-5 years. I mean I remember when the Xbox 360 came out and everyone was saying it would be "unmoddable" and that modding was officially over. Over time you'd hear a rumor about someone who knew someone that heard someone talking in the pre-game lobby about their cousin modding on the 360 (hard to follow but that's how it was for the most part).

    Within a month or two of the Halo 3 release, people had done it! They had finally figured out how to mod on the 360 and it all started on Halo 3. I remember the unlimited ammo and the super fast running, I remember the clones being littered all across the map. And if you were somehow able to get a hold of these maps and gametypes you were considered a God among men which ultimately led to those "Inner-Circles". Only a few people actually knew how to mod but over time the information got out. Which was kind of cool because the vast majority of people were fascinated with modding and wanted to learn and I think as a community we all learned at relatively the same pace. Back then modding was localized to Halo 3 so you'd sit at the computer refreshing your favorite modding sites in hopes of new modding tutorials and information.

    I remember modding was so involved back then. By that I mean you had to go through so many steps just to get the HDD reader to work then you'd have to get the save, learn how to use a new language (Hex), rehash the modded file, and then send it off to a friend-of-a-friend who was one of 5 to have a CON Resigner and have him sign your file then get it back and maybe the mod worked, or maybe it froze your xbox. And eventually resigners became public and people learned VB/C++ and made GUIs and basically streamlined modding to now dang near anybody can do it. I personally still use the "old way" which I think is more fun but hey, that's just me.

    I really wasn't active here, I was more of an XboxTampers guy. I remember over at XBT I'd have flame-wars, budy up to the mods/admins, and above all post-count was the most important thing and was the only thing that mattered (not). At XBT and other websites like these we all made our friends and enemies. I personally still have a lot of my friends from back then.Shout-out to: Chrisco93, ambi0, Canadian Halo, TH3 M41N DUD3, Shade4510, Halodude, Sligstorm, nox13666 and much more. Yall were my friends and still my friends and our names meant something back then and for some of us they still do. It's just sad to see all of these "mom & pop" style websites that we spent so much time on as a kid become deserted or swallowed up by larger modding sites. R.I.P XboxTampers

    Lastly I leave you with a quote that was said by my friend iTz gLiTcHeY back in '07 that has stuck with me through the years."They say we're noobs for modding, I say they're noobs for not!"

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    #12 REDSTAR 105

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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 07:15 PM

    It's so sad to see how this site has gone from 1 post a minute to 1 post a day. God it's been so long I can't even remember what year I joined, either 2006 or 2007. This has been a great site, not only for modding, but also the people and the memories that have been left here. I learned so much from this site that it ultimately shifted my interests to computers, hardware, and programming... without a doubt this site will help impact what I become in the future.

    Thanks Peaches for keeping the site up for this long, been here since the beginning and I'll stay until the end hopefully along with the other veterans.


    #13 Random1225


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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 08:03 PM

    I really miss when this site was active. I still stop by to look at the new posts but I never really make posts anymore. I can't even believe its been 3 years since i registered on whim, while looking for halo 3 mods.

    #14 SotG Caboose

    SotG Caboose

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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 08:18 PM

    Thanks IBM for showing me modding, and inspiring me to learn how to program. :cat:

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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 08:22 PM

    God it's been so long I can't even remember what year I joined, either 2006 or 2007.

    It says you joined in 2008 on the side ;) lol

    I wish I had discovered this site sooner when Halo 2 was king. I tried to get into Halo 3 modding, but it was kinda boring and it didn't allow for much creativity unless you bought a devkit. And even then, no one else could play with you unless they had one too. :(

    Oh well, I love this site, even though I haven't been here long compared to the rest of you

    #16 T3A guy

    T3A guy


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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 08:26 PM


    This was a great community, and I'm sorry for showing my immaturity when I was 14-15 (now 18).

    You guys had unique and fun people. I learned a lot here and I will miss IBM along with the good old days.

    One of my favorite things about this website was that you could talk to the same people every day. On other websites if you have a question you or a comment it will either be ignored or answered by someone you will probably never talk to again.

    I don't talk to many people I met on here, but this was a great means of communication with some friends I still know such as Caboose. I miss most of the active members here, they were all great. This website made a small chunk of my life and I thank you guys for that. I will miss you all.

    Thanks a bunch IBM.

    Posted Image

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    #17 firefoxx04


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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 08:45 PM

    just looked, i have an 11gb .rar file with max compression settings on my data hard drive... :D i think ill look through it.

    miss this.. just wish i still had the time to make decent mods and spend time playing them.

    #18 jbyrd117


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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 08:48 PM

    I was never really an active member or contributor but I am still a member and I still visited this site a lot. It's been real.

    #19 chaosfire53495


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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 08:49 PM

    I <3 this site, although I never really did post, this is where I learned everything I knew about modding.

    #20 gruntmods


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    Posted 27 October 2011 - 08:49 PM

    I really miss when this site was active. I still stop by to look at the new posts but I never really make posts anymore. I can't even believe its been 3 years since i registered on whim, while looking for halo 3 mods.

    Ya, its been such a long time since we all started......... I am not leaving until the site goes offline though. We had a good run and I am here to the end.