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    ~*Tortuga*~ by DoorM4n

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    Posted 16 August 2011 - 10:53 AM

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    Hey Guys,

    Today I present to you my proudest creation yet, Tortuga. Tortuga was an idea that I developed within the first month of my modding career—if I may call it a career—and that was the week that Halo 2 was released. In my thoughts, I called this idea my pirate mod, and it was intended to be built on Zanzibar. I filed that idea in the filing cabinets deep within my head and knew that I could only pull this idea back out when the proper technology allowed me to make this piece the way I wanted it. Since the week of November 09, 2004 till now August 14, 2011, you all have developed all of the programs needed and inspired every creative fiber of mine to build Tortuga. I thank you. Without the application makers, I am nothing. Without the community to inspire and play my mod, I am also nothing. Without all of you, I would not mod Halo 2. So I thank you for all you have done for me throughout the years and for creating an alternative reality in which I can de-stress, kick back, and channel my energy.

    Tortuga, in my opinion, is unlike any Halo 2 mod created. It is SP-MP conversion, but it does not take place on a bsp that is used in Halo 2—though the BSP will look undeniably familiar. The bases for each team are completely original, with custom mode and phmo and coll. Obstacles are strategically placed, while over a dozen completely new weapons unlike anything Halo 2 offers are scattered around the map. Three new vehicles are in the map also. One vehicle is a sail boat. For the first time in Halo 2, a proper boat is present within a mod. A second vehicle is a bit humorous and necessary, for it adds a bit of life to the map. Another feature of Tortuga is that the player may now have the effect of swimming in water—yet another addition that is unheard of in Halo 2. I am so proud to announce this release. It was a personal goal of mine to develop this map before I fully stopped modding Halo 2. I am honored to have you support me. And I am honored to be friends with some of the most incredible minds I have yet to encounter, minds that have dismantled a game engine only to put it back together the way they like it. I would like to dedicate this mod, this time (approximately 3 months and probably over 500hrs), and this energy that I have put into this mod to you—to all of you. You guys are the reason I mod. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy Tortuga.

    Thanks for all of the Support Guys, and Please Play the Mod! I am fully confident that you will be pleased with it! :D

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    • Completely New Map With Custom Physics (Phmo and Coll)
    • Castle
    • Pirate Ship
    • Shack
    • Dock
    • Sail Boats
    • Cannons
    • Horse
    • Custom Sounds
    • 14 New Weapons

    Posted Image
    Cutlass – a Pirate’s Weapon of Choice
    Duckfoot – a Quick Five Shot Hand Gun
    Flintlock Pistol – a Powerful 3 Round Hand gun
    Wooden Shield – Deflective Shield that can Block Any Bullet or Arrow
    Two Muskets – Two Long Range Muskets that Yield Great Damage
    Blunderbuss – A 2 Round Pirate Shotgun that Destroys Anything
    Tankard – A Drunkard’s Ale Mug Used for Bashing in Heads
    Butcher Knife – Simple Blade with Uncanny Chopping Ability
    Stone Axe – A Useful Tool to Gut Your Enemy
    Bow – Single Shot Bow with Deadly Arrows
    Crossbow – Double Shot Crossbow that has Remarkable Accuracy
    Hand Cannon – A Persuader of any Plunderer
    Spike Ball – Don’t Take a Swim Without these Guys
    Bomb – Get Hit by One of these and You’re Kraken Bait

    Posted Image
    Sailboat – A Speedy Sailboat with Two Cannons for High Speed Warfare
    Horse – A Land Mammal With a Cunning Act for Violence
    Cannon – A Fully Functional Pirate Cannon with Cannonball Projectiles

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    The list of people I want to thank you so much for the help and the assistance is HUGE, and I list these in no particular order. I could not have made this without you guys! Thanks for Everything!
    • Remnant Mods--JacksonCougar, Ogrish, XZodia, DemonichSandwich, troymac1ure, bumlove, Aumaan Anubis, xxpenguinxx, neodos, Click16, CaptainPoopPants, and every single Individual that goes to http://www.forum.remnantmods.com. You guys have kept me modding. Thanks for answering all my ridiculous questions and helping me out so much!
    • My friends where I live that support me and love playing my mods. Team eV was our group name, and it contains a dozens of friends that I will have for life. Thanks for the support!
    • Program Makers! Damn, I wouldn't be anywhere without you: Pokecancer for Entity, troymaclure for his edited version of Entity, TJC2k4 for Insolence, Swampfox for ADI, Tfav for Halo2SoundTools, farklem for Dothalo, Prey for Blu and Orbit, Anthony and Pokecancer for H2Guerrilla and H2Core, Ironforge for Serenity, Low8 for SPPF, Fantastic Six for all of the Ubertools, XZodia for Yelo Neighborhood, Xbox7887 for Yelo and RTH.
    • I would like to give a special recognition to Darkshallfall for Onyx. Without Onyx, this map would not exist! Thanks bud.
    • Plugin and Tutorial Makers! People like Xzodia, Demonich and neodos (and sorry to those whom I left out) have supplied me with great plugins to make my edits.
    • The Makers of Battlefield Pirates whom claim ownership of many of the custom models and custom sounds. I do not claim ownership of these models or sounds. Without the guys over and Battlefield Pirates, I wouldn't have these remarkable models of weapons and boats and scenery. Thanks guys. On that note, you guys must go out and buy Battlefield 2 and Download the Pirate Mod at http://www.bfpirates.com. It is a phenomenal addition to your gaming collection, trust me.
    • Bungie! Modders wouldn't be here without Bungie, and we, therefore, owe everything to Bungie.

    Final Notes and Bugs

    Patch Gemini.map! The map is 88mbs large and the patch is 80mbs. I apologize for this, but I added over 120 models, weapons, and meta, and there is no way around it. I have not tested SLC, but I'm pretty sure it works. A few notes about the map: I had 65 back ups in total, and I probably put over 500 hours into the map. So, I hope you play it! You must play Halo 2 1.0 Version, and NOT the Halo 2 1.1 AutoUpdate. The game will not play correctly if you don't play 1.0. You must play as the Masterchief because the Elite animation gets corrupted when you do a SP-MP conversion. Because of all of the things that I added to this map and all of the memory that these models take up, the map will sometimes disappear at certain angles. So, please ignore some of those disappearing problems and enjoy the map. It won't occur all the time, only if you look in certain angles that encompass all of the added items. The boats are a little tricky to drive off the Pirate Ship, but you can get them off successfully if you accelerate and move very straight. The horse is a fun addition, in my opinion. Don't get all serious and technical on it, it's mainly for fun value. Also, objective games don't work, unfortunately. People don't usually play ob jective game types on mods anyway. Slayer and Team Slayer are the only working gametypes. There is an Easteregg in the map! Go Find it! Have fun and long live Halo!

    If you want to contact me about any processes or finish any of the things that I did not finish, email me at dgmatt7@hotmail.com or contact me via private message on Halomods or Remnantmods.

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    Posted 16 August 2011 - 11:35 AM

    I knew I shouldn't put my xbox away.

    Looks great. Will probably patch it tomorrow and try it out.

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    Posted 16 August 2011 - 11:37 AM

    HOLY GOD THIS IS AMAZING. going back home to get xbox nao

    #4 iBotPeaches


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    Posted 16 August 2011 - 11:51 AM

    Where is my god damn display cables.

    #5 REDSTAR 105

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    Posted 16 August 2011 - 12:51 PM

    Looks amazing!!!
    Great work man!

    #6 Randomrocket


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    Posted 17 August 2011 - 11:34 AM

    will it work on Halo 2 vista? If not, then I cant play it :(

    #7 Quinn


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    Posted 18 August 2011 - 10:41 AM

    Wow, this looks amazing. Good to know that people are still modding H2!

    #8 Rogue Modder

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    Posted 26 October 2011 - 04:04 AM

    will it work on Halo 2 vista? If not, then I cant play it :(

    Nope. Different engine. (yay bump).

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