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    New Vegas will have a GECK on release!

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    #1 Quinn


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    Posted 19 June 2010 - 03:30 PM

    Originally from Fallout 3 Nexus.

    The answers to the second half of the Fallout: New Vegas fan interview were released by GStaff on the 15th of June, and just incase you hadn't heard it seems like the New Vegas version of the G.E.C.K (SDK) will be available on launch. Here's the quote:

    "Will the Fallout: New Vegas Version of the GECK ship with the game, or be downloadable on release?

    JS: Yes. In addition to the normal GECK functionality F3 modders have come to expect, the F:NV GECK will allow modification of ammo lists, ammo subtypes, the hardcore "basic needs" rates, and a lot of the other new bits of data we have added. It will also contain the F:NV dialogue editor, which can be used with or without the standard F3 dialogue editor."

    You might have just taken it as a given that there'd be a G.E.C.K., but don't take it for granted, they might not have released one. Obviously with this news I can strongly upgrade my New Vegas purchase status from "hold" to "buy".

    There will be a Nexus for New Vegas. I am undecided as to whether I should make a seperate site for New Vegas or create seperate categories for New Vegas and Fallout 3 on Fallout 3 Nexus. While Oblivion and Morrowind share the same site it isn't without it's complications. Decisions!

    I hope I'm not the only one happy!

    #2 connorss


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    Posted 19 June 2010 - 03:33 PM

    i have used the GECK at a friends house before and i liked it.im not going to get fallout 3 for pc so i am glad of this

    #3 Random1225


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    Posted 19 June 2010 - 04:02 PM

    I love the GECK for fo3 i can only imagine this will be even better :)

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