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    TU6 Update for Gears 2

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    #1 iBotPeaches


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    Posted 01 June 2010 - 05:55 AM

    Gears of War 2 Title Update 6 Detailed Release Notes

    The following fixes and improvements are included in Title Update 6.

    Title Update 6 makes these new improvements:
    • Adds a new public multiplayer match option called Social Xbox LIVE (aka player matches), open to anyone who owns all downloadable maps (that is, All Fronts Collection). We‚??ll be having a promotion that will dramatically reduce the cost of the All Fronts Collection.
    • You can join Social Matches in progress and can quit any time without penalty, although players who quit a match early don‚??t receive earned experience (XP) from that match.
    • Social matchmaking lets your party join a match in progress. If a match is not found, your party hosts a new match, filling any empty player slots with bots.
    • Social Matches automatically cycle to the next map without further matchmaking.
    • Teams are rebalanced between matches based on XP level without splitting parties.
    • If you quit, your spot is taken by a bot until a new player joins the match. That new player can join while the match is in progress.
    • If you join a match in progress, you are assigned a team based on XP level and party size.
    • If you join a match in progress, you replace a bot at the earliest opportunity: at the first bot‚??s death for respawning game types (for example, Annex) and at round completion for Warzone, Execution, and Wingman.
    • Social leaderboards become part of the War Journal.
    • Renames Public Matches to Ranked Xbox LIVE Matches to differentiate these from Social Xbox LIVE Matches, and adds some improvements to these matches.
    • Improved host selection using bandwidth testing and previous hosting data has been added.
    • Before the match begins, teams are balanced based on XP without splitting parties.
    • Renames Private Matches to Custom Xbox LIVE Matches and makes these matches invite-only.
    • Adds the ability to join Horde sessions that are in progress.
    • In Social Horde, you can join a session in progress through matchmaking and you are able to continue your session from the last wave you failed without starting over.
    • In Ranked Horde, you can join a session in progress only through invites.
    • If you join a session in progress, at the end of the session you receive the score you achieved during the time you spent in the session.
    • Improves the precision of weapon selection using the D-pad.
    • Improves client-side hit detection for ballistic weapons.
    Exploit Fixes
    Title Update 6 fixes these possible exploits, where under certain circumstances:
    • Execution rules could be ignored when using certain weapon types.
    • On the Subway map, you could get outside of the playable environment by sliding into cover and rolling between a train car and the side of tracks.
    • On the Blood Drive map, you could get outside of the playable environment in various locations.
    • Players could grief other players on Submission, Annex, King of the Hill, and Guardian games by preventing the objective from being completed while racking up experience. Title Update 6 adds match time limits to each of these game types to prevent this practice.
    General Fixes
    Title Update 6 fixes these other issues as well:
    • An issue that could cause your profile to be overwritten, erasing XP level, and achievement progress.
    • An issue that could cause a campaign save slot to be overwritten if you previously chose to continue without saving and then signed in.
    Title Update 6 makes these balancing changes:
    • Changes the Gnasher Shotgun pellet pattern to increase hit consistency.
    • Changes the Guardian game type to select the leader based upon XP level (highest to lowest).

    Long story short. I will be booting up my Gears 2 copy to see if the horrendous lag and various glitches have been fixed.

    #2 Quinn


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    Posted 01 June 2010 - 07:56 AM

    Nice that some companies keep supporting their games (Yes Bethesda, that was a jab at you for dropping Oblivion).

    #3 Randomrocket


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    Posted 01 June 2010 - 04:24 PM

    Title Update number 6?!? wow. I forgot how old that game is

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