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    Forcing Host

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    Posted 07 January 2008 - 09:09 PM

    Well there wasnt really a good section to post this so...

    Taking advantage of the Halo 3 netcode

    Ok well I take it most of you are familiar with how forcing host in Halo 2 worked, it is very similar in halo 3, in fact im almost certain this method would also work with halo 2 regardless of the new protection people keep mentioning.

    What you need,

    An xbox 360 connected to Live using ICS.
    ZoneAlarm Firewall.

    First off get your intended host to invite you to a lobby, open commview and start monitoring the ethernet that your xbox is conected to. Once your intended host speaks his IP will be visable in commview, make a note of this.
    Open Zonealarm and input the following IP range into your trusted zone, - and then add your intended hosts IP.

    To test that your settings are correct, when in the lobby with intended host turn your firewall to full and if you can still talk to your host then that is working, to check to make sure you have correctly entered Bungie and Microsofts IP range, simply leave the lobby and try searching for a matcmade game. If you CAN NOT find a game, all is working well.

    This works 100% in social games, ranked is a different story, had some success but need more testers.

    Dont piss too many people off