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    H2 Mod:Underbrush

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    #1 SmokiestGrunl


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    Posted 24 June 2009 - 02:08 PM

    File Name: Underbrush
    File Submitter: SmokiestGrunl
    File Submitted: 16 Sep 2008
    File Category: H2 Modded Maps


    Posted Image

    This filtration control center used to filter water for nearby towns. Now it is a battlefield littered with weapons...

    Type: Serenity
    Base: backwash.map

    Map Information:
    [ YES ] __System Linkable
    [ YES ] __Weapon Mods
    [ YES ] __Skin Mods
    [ ___ ] __Physics Mods
    [ YES ] __Lighting Mods
    [ ___ ] __Vehicle Mods


    Posted Image

    After aimlessly wandering in the mexican forests, we found an old water filtration center. We then met our pursuers. They were Elites! They claimed we were heretics for leaving the covenant and that they had done the right thing by rejoining. The poor deceived fools. Tired and weakened from our previous battles we engaged them with all our might...

    End of log...



    -Spartan>Renegade Elite; Color Changeable shields and armor. Also has skinned fp.(Credit to xHeadshotmastax)

    -Elite>Spec Ops Ranger; Color Changeable shields and armor. Also has skinned fp.



    SMG>Brute Spiker; Fires deadly exploding spikes that will attach to an enemy and detonate. Also, has higher melee damage. (New Model by Doom and skin by Conscar)

    Posted Image

    Battle Rifle>Nail Rifle; Fires burst shots of two rounds at a time and is equipped with a scope.(New Model by gunslinge109 of Turbosquid and skinned by me)

    Posted Image

    Magnum>Nailer; Fires burst shots of three rounds at a time. Very powerful, not very accurate. Cannot be dual wielded due to the strength it has. (New Model by desolatordan of Turbosquid)

    Shotgun>Bayonet; This huge bayonet was removed from the brute shot. (Re-model by me)

    Posted Image

    Sniper Rifle>Crossbow; Fires deadly arrows that can take down in enemy in one hit. Note: They aren't as fast as bullets.(New Model created by FredMT of Turbosquid and skinned by me)

    Posted Image

    Rocket Launcher>Brute Shot; Stock Brute Shot.

    Fragmentation Grenade>Brute Spike Grenade; A very powerful and deadly explosive device. If when it's thrown it just happens to hit you, the spikes will instantly kill you and then the grenade will detonate injuring anyone around you. (New Model and skin by me)

    Posted Image


    Plasma Rifle>Blade Rifle; The most efficient covenant plasma rifle type weapon I have made. Fires powerful plasma bolts that have a higher hit rate than ordinary plasma bolts. A very formidable match up to the Brute Spiker. Also, the blades are not for show. Melee damage is quite strong now. (New Model and skin by me)

    Posted Image

    Covenant Carbine>Plasma Carbine; Fires high powered plasma beams, is full automatic and has an equipped scope. (Re-model and skin by me)

    Needler>Flamer; Fires flaming rods that explode at rest. Has faster firing rate than the needler.

    Posted Image

    Plasma Pistol>Toxic Pistol; Fires radiation beams that can be charged up to a deadly single beam. Single Fire: Radiation Beam, Charged Fire: Super Charged Radiation Beam. Cannot be dual wielded. (Re-model by my brother and skinned by me)

    Energy Sword>Energy Axe; A small compact hand axe that is a great match up with the bayonet. (New Model and skin by me)

    Posted Image

    Beam Rifle>Heat Rifle; Fires two powerful heat beams per shot that, if used correctly, can take down the enemy easily.

    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Brute Shot; Stock Brute Shot.

    Plasma Grenade>Fuel Grenade; A small bouncy grenade that can be used to take down several opponents at once.

    Posted Image

    -xHeadshotmastax for the heretic biped
    -Doom and Conscar for their perfect spiker and skin
    -The great modelers from Turbosquid for their models
    -My brother for messing around and making a pretty cool plasma pistol remodel
    -Dark Metal for his Uber-Sweet Contrail editor
    -Elite747 for converting the screenshots and for the mainmenu image.
    -Little_Shadow and S3anyBoy for helping beta test.
    -Detox for helping me with some stuff i can't remember.

    Click here to download this file

    #2 qag4w


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    Posted 20 August 2009 - 05:46 PM

    i LOVE the character mod

    #3 iMac


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    Posted 25 August 2009 - 03:12 PM

    Don't quote whole posts

    This is cool dude, I wish I still had my original xbox.

    #4 gruntmods


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    Posted 30 August 2009 - 07:03 AM

    This is cool dude, I wish I still had my original xbox.

    only 40$ at gamestop.