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    michael iz pro

    Resident Evil: After Life <-- a must watch film
    Sep 25 2010 05:12 PM
    • Rogue Modder's Photo
      Rogue Modder
      if you played the games before you played the first movie, you will feel that.
      Also New RE Games < Movies
      Old RE Games > Movies
      Sep 26 2010 06:12 AM
    • LegacySucks's Photo
      I wish zombies would attack :P
      Sep 26 2010 07:52 AM
    • michael iz pro's Photo
      michael iz pro
      no but at the end when that guy who had so much of the T-virus in him he was doing the matrix i agree they did change it around into some Left 4 Dead survival thing but that girl who got sucked under the water she was hawt :P
      Sep 26 2010 08:15 AM