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    i. Prerequisites
    • a) "iBotModz" means all of the services that iBotModz.net offers on the iBotModz Web Site, including, without limitation, the "apps", "downloads", the "forum" and all technology, processes and materials used to provide such services.
    • b) "Member", "User" or "Account" means any person or entity who opens and maintains an account with iBotModz.net
    • c) "Site" means a page or network of pages created, hosted and/or maintained on the iBotModz.net Web Site.
    • d) "Subscriptions" means iBotModz.net's fee-based subscription service that contains additional premium features that enable members access to additional areas of the Website

    1: General
    • a) Do not create accounts named similar to that of the staff.
    • B) No racism or ethnic discrimination in any way shape or form.
    • c) Pornography, Warez, or any other illegal transactions may NOT be linked in any shape or form.
    • d) Please use the search feature, you'll find most of your questions have already been anwsered.
    • e) You will not use a "bot" or application to make automatic forum posts for you.
    • f) Rules can be ammended by the moderators, if they see fit.
    • g) Do not do anything that will clearly draw traffic to an off-site location.
    • h) We reserve the right to delete/merge/moderate any accounts.
    • i) Interupting the service for anyone else will result in a ban.

    2: Forums
    • a) Do not create topics that are used to direct traffic elsewhere.
    • B) Please prevent spamming topics outside of the Off-Topic section.
    • c) Name the topic correctly. No one wants to read "HELP a nub out", try "My HDD won't read in Win 7".
    • d) Do not post anything that your boss and/or teacher would not want you looking at. That means vulgar images/videos.
    • e) Overuse the BBCODE system in any shape or form that resembles spamming.
    • f) Do not bump a topic older than a few months to say "cool, sweet, or thx 4 the share".
    • g) Topics with links that are deceiving people, such as RickRolling.

    3: Posting
    • a) Do not steal others code/research to incorporate into your own program. Use credit.
    • B) Do not post stolen/cracked applications.
    • c) Do not continually flame someone in a topic.
    • d) Do not "backseat moderate". Simply report the topic and move on.
    • e) Do not use an excessive amount of smilies or bbcode.
    • f) Do not use a large amount of slang terms or difficult to read items.
    • g) Do not post anything that is intended to break the system, or takes up a large amount of space.
    • h) Pictures may be posted as long as they are not explicit or offensive.
    • i) Post anything that may or could damage another users computer.

    4: Chatbox
    • a) The chatbox is not for extended support. Please make a topic for in-depth support inquiries.
    • B) The chatbox is not for links to other related gaming sites. Links to other sites will result in bans.
    • c) Posting any disruptive bbcode in the chatbox is grounds for a warning.

    4: Messaging
    • a) Do not use the "Messenger" for dating or matchmaking services.
    • B) Do not use the "Messenger" for commercial gain without explicit permission from administrator.

    5: Banning
    • a) There is no refund for any subscription.
    • B) 5 warnings = A permanent ban.
    • c) Warnings expire after 120 days.
    • d) Usergroup demotion can occur for multiple warnings.
    • e) Warnings can be obtained for breaking any rule listed here.
    • f) Permanent bans can occur for any larger offense.
    • g) Evading bans is grounds for a permanent suspension.

    6: Signatures & Avatars
    • a) Avatars maximum size are 90x90 pixels (Width/Height).
    • B) Avatars cannot exceed (1000KB) or (0.97656MB).
    • c) Avoid animated or annoying images.
    • d) Allowed image extensions are (gif,jpg,jpeg,png).
    • e) Signatures should not take up more room than your post.
    • f) Any image exceeding 500x300 will be removed.

    6: Miscellaneous
    • a) Anything related to the tool "Modio" is prohibited.
    • B) Bashing other xbox related sites and their staff is prohibited.

    If you feel a ban is incorrect or wish to debate it, either email (banned@ibotmodz.net) or MSN (ibotpeaches@ibotmodz.net)