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    Help Topic: Donating

    If you donate any sum of money above (1 USD) you will be given Donors status forever. You will get Donors or Donors+ based on your current user group. VIPs go to Donors+, members go to Donors. Then once Donors hit 100 REP they become Donors+  
    Features of Donor Groups
    * Send 15 emails (through the board server a day)
    * No ads on the site
    * 20 second search flood, compared to 30 seconds for normal members
    * 1 PM per 1 minute, compared to 1 PM per 2 minutes
    * Give 12+ REP, and -2 REP a day
    * Signature Rules (Still discretionary by Staff)
    o 4 images
    o 6 URLs
    o 8 lines of text
    o Dimensions 400x600
    * 20 GB overall upload limit
    * 6MB per file upload limit
    * Evade bad word filter
    * Un-metered downloads in Download Manager
    * Shout flood limit reduced to 4 seconds.