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    • Submitted: May 12 2009 05:48 AM
    • Last Updated: May 12 2009 05:48 AM
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    • Author: Ldots
    • Version: v1.9

    Download XboxHDM 1.9

    - - - - -

    This is basically just another little linux distro. Build for the special needs us xbox softmodders have. I found the need for such a distro since the windows-based tools to access fatx-drives suck!

    However, most people are not very familiar with linux - sad in my opinion but true. Therefore I include a tool in this distributions that automates most of the tasks when dealing with xbox HD management.

    This package will let you create a bootable CD that can access and manipulate/rescue, clone and even rebuild working xbox HD's from scratch. I see this useful for people who want to :
    • Upgrade their xbox with a larger HD (either by cloning or building from scratch)
    • Rescue or rebuild a corrupt xbox HD.
    • Calculate the HD passwd for locked and unlocked HD's
    • Locks and unlocks HDD's with the password automatically calculated from the eeprom.
    • Can also set a Master Password (XBOXSCENE) when locking to allow an unlock later even without the eeprom or the user password.
    • Install the official softmod package including the audio and font hack, Evox and PBL 1.4.1.
    • You also have the option to make a patched copy of you MS dashboard to be run from Evox when using the font hack. Do not use this package is you do not have a kernel below 5530 and dashboard version 4920.This is meant to provide users without memcards or any of the exploitable games (MA,SC,007) with an easy to use softmod package.
    • Have a stable package to access and delete, move, change files on the xbox HD.
    An included program will also let you rebuild the C-drive alone, which could be very usefull if this has become corrupted, if you are in a clock loop and dont know how to manually restore the C-drive or if you need to downgrade the dashboard.

    This is all done by letting you boot to a small live-linux with fatx support, like xlinux, but with so many more tools and options. Better hardware compatibility due to a updated kernel/syslinux and NTFS support are things to mention. Also from this CD you can boot to DOS and use HD lock/unlock tools.

    For people who don't understand. You dump your (C Drive, E Drive, and eeprom.bin) into the corresponding folders within the download of this. Then you click the .bat which includes the word ISO. That will slowly but surely create an ISO which you can boot before Windows. You then connect your xbox HD to your computer as a primary drive and unplug ALL others (To prevent yourself from clearing a normal drive) Then enjoy xboxhdm. If you encouter an error with "Drize Frozen" PM me what you did and I have a few tricks to bypass that error.

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