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    • Submitted: Sep 16 2008 06:29 PM
    • Last Updated: May 19 2009 03:41 PM
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    • Author: ScottyGEE
    • Version: Final

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    • 16 Sep 2008 Download Biohazard II: The Breach

    Download Biohazard II: The Breach

    - - - - -

    Biohazard II: The Breach

    Type: Serenity
    Base: Zanzibar

    Map Information:

    The flood have escaped containment (Cyclotron, aka Biohazard I) and have spread rapidly, killing all in their path. They continue to grow stronger as they start to develop their own weapons. GAMA Squad (you) has been sent in to find and kill all traqces of the flood. Success is the only option.

    Dead bodies layed throughout the map
    Balanced Gameplay
    Incredible atmosphere

    • Glock
    • M16
    • M4+M203 Attatchment (Yes...Working grenade launcher too)
    • FloodFlame
    • DoubleBlade
    • Fuel Rod Rifle
    • Sparkler
    • Red Sparkler
    • Bazooka
    • Disruptor Beam
    Preview Images:

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
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    Posted Image

    Chances are I'm not going to be able to do the awesome credetorial deication that I thought I could have done due to lack of time putting into such a thing...It was intended to put the people who helped me out over the years really up there as all the help I've received has been greatly appreciated but probably not properly expressed. So I shall formulate a list of sorts...
    Faisal, you're seemingly infinite extent of modding knowledge and for fixing up my map when it was dead.
    Aequitas, for your talks, which have been few recently and espeially for your h4x Razz
    Theycallmechad, for being an awesome skinner and person to talk to, a means for motivation too Very Happy
    Dec1234 for all those models as featured in this mod.
    Greennc for actually coming through with a fantastic skin (beats paraiso's but maybe I'm just trying to be competitive with Faisal Wink)
    Iron_Forge, for serenity and for everything else you do around here...
    Kornkidcrazy, for trying hard to finish of the model...and for site maintanance now Razz
    Stephen for actually asking me to join and of course the site
    To everyone that plays this mod..The simple fact that I can create a mod that I like and then to have others enjoy it is great Cool
    Pyroman31, for yout 1337 glock and for being that nub...The one I always beat online Wink
    Everyone else I forgot at this point in time...Feel free to flame me to hell and I'll update this list...

    Closing Comments
    I worked hard on this mod guys...Its been a pleasure making it...Theres been a mix of highs and lows, from early entity versions chewing through my map to black screen errors and such. The map isn't as perfect as I'd hope (You'll notice some graphical problems which I don't know how to fix) and then...Although Kornkid and I tested SLC extensivly, I'm not sure if its 100% efficient...So basically, if you find any errors at all...Balance, slc anything, PLEASE tell them to me and I'll fix them...This was intended to be a mod which people will play for awhile and with you, I can hopefully fulfill this goal.

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