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    • Submitted: Sep 13 2008 12:29 PM
    • Last Updated: May 19 2009 05:43 AM
    • File Size: 336.75KB
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    • Author: farklem
    • Version: 1.0b3.0

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    • 13 Sep 2008 Download DotHalo v1

    Download DotHalo v1

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    Made by: Farklem

    DotHalo is a Halo 1 and Halo 2 map modding program. This program requires .NET Framework. If the program does not load, go to Microsoft and get .NET Framework.

    Ok well here is DotHalo (aka H2Edit). There are bugs and incomplete items in the program but for the most part everything works. Over the last week I have been deciding how to move forward with this project and I finally came up with a solution. I will continue work on DotHalo but I will be starting from scratch. Part of the reason is that it will give me a chance to clean up the code and make it run faster. Since I have only been programming for 3 months, I had alot of things to learn and this program wasn't made as professionally as I would have liked it to be. So I am going to re-make it and make it much better. I am looking for help on this new project so if you are interested, please contact me.

    Map Version Compatability:
    • Halo 1(xbox NTSC and PAL)
    • Halo 1(PC/Mac)
    • Halo 1(CE)
    • Halo 2(xbox NTSC and PAL)

    Current Features:
    • 1. Meta Extraction (Regular, Recursive and, Batch).
    • 2. Meta Injection.
    • 3. Tag Editor (Supports HMT, HHT, and CH2R plugins).
    • 4. Dependency/LoneID swapping.
    • 5. Insert blank space into meta.
    • 6. Fixes the Encryption Signature (automaticly does this when the map is closed and changes have been made).
    • 7. Extracts, view, and injects most bitmaps.
    • 8. Extracts most sounds.
    • 9. Hex Utilities (+magic, -magic, swap endian and, convert between hex and dec).
    • 10. Hex Editor (only views hex, does not save changes yet).
    • 11. Generate Offset List.

    Changes from Beta 2 to Beta 3:
    • 1. Halo 1 map compatability.
    • 2. Tag searching.
    • 3. Built in PPF Patch Make and Apply.
    • 4. Add new map to mainmanu.map and change map description.
    • 5. Hex Editor.
    • 6. Halo 1(xbox) map compressing/decompressing.
    • 7. Ident swapping (finally!).
    • 8. Click on a dependency that points to raw data and see the raw data editor for that tag.
    • 9. Generate Offset list has been added.
    • 10. Added Generate Offset List.

    Changes from Beta 1 to Beta 2:
    • 1. Lots of bug fixes.
    • 2. Bitmap Viewing, extracting, and injecting.
    • 3. Now handels the bsp(s) meta (You can extract the bsp meta or changes the dependencies within the app). It doesn't extract an editable mesh!
    • 4. The encryption signature is fixed when the map is closed (only if changes have been made to the map) or you can choose to fix is manually.
    • 5. Meta extracting and injecting now using xml files for dependencies instead of a text file.
    • 6. Added Insert Blank space into meta.
    • 7. Sound extracting (doesn't work for all tags or external tags)

    Known bugs or issues:
    • 1. P8 and A8 bumpmaps don't extract yet.
    • 2. Some sounds won't extract (If the size is negative, it won't work).
    • 3. Does not handle Halo 1 raw data yet.
    • 4. Sometimes making changes in the tag editor causes the application to not want to close.

    Future Features:

    • 1. Map rebuilding.
    • 2. Sound injection.
    • 3. A help system with Tutorials.
    • 4. As Allways, find bugs and fix them.

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    Warning: This application may eat your maps. I take no responsibility for what it does. lol

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