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    • Submitted: Sep 11 2008 11:49 PM
    • Last Updated: May 19 2009 06:04 AM
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    • Author: killershard & A G1mp
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    • 11 Sep 2008 Download Donkey Kong Extreme

    Download Donkey Kong Extreme

    - - - - -

    Description: Hello everyone, on behalf of halo3forums.co.uk we are happy to release our Donkey Kong - Extreme Edition. This map consists of 6 Levels, at the top of each level the player must walk into the flag, of which teleports them to the next corrosponding level. There is a wide variety including warthog jumps and ghost jumps. Barrells along with many different projectiles are used. Many people have said the belive this to be a really fun mod, and some play it for hours and hours (I personally have played it soo much I could kill it). Theres an easter egg, well sort of; sometimes when you get in the hog it plays Mario theme tunes.

    The Levels are as follows:

    Level 1

    Posted Image

    This is the easiest level. Players must get to the top to be teleported to level 2. They must be cautious of the barrels, they explode. Many noobs will die on this level. REMEMBER: A FLAG AT TOP OF LEVEL IS A TELEPORTER!!!!

    Level 2

    Posted Image

    Level 2 is a simple warthog jump. Although this is simple, players must avoid a wraith bullet and falling expelled cores. This can prove tricky if bad at timing!

    Level 3

    Posted Image

    Rockets, plasma's and wraith bullets. The route you take on this level is very important. 1 wrong step and you are deffinatly dead.

    Level 4

    Posted Image

    Explosions are constantly around you. The route is the trick, aswel as not rushing. Rushing will caus certain death.

    Level 5

    Posted Image

    Level 5 is a ghost track. The ghost must to a wide range of short jumps, however must not be stuck by falling plasma nades. Timeing is crucial again. (most people will die here). Once at end, there is a moving bridge that spawns every 20 seconds, players must take bridge over to level 6. (P.S Modders have no collision due to meta faking)

    Level 6

    Posted Image

    Climb the hill without been splattered by another bridge been forced against you. Seems hard but is more than possible. Teleporter takes you to end.

    The end is a place where certain weapons are like plasma pistol, sniper and rockets. Rockets fire moving bridges, plasma tank shells. Flying turrets also spawn up there so the completers do not get bored.


    Warthog Skinned - Mario blue and red!

    Map Skinned - Skinned like nice golden sand!

    Spawn annoyer - A switch that kills spawners for 40 seconds!

    Posted Image

    There is also a secret modders area (modders can walk up slopes), but its secret so find it yourself

    Patch to Containment

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