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    • Submitted: Mar 24 2010 04:53 AM
    • Last Updated: Mar 24 2010 04:54 AM
    • File Size: 1.43MB
    • Views: 7326
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    • Author: Xenon.7
    • Version: 1.0

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    • 24 Mar 2010 Download Halo 3 Beta Unlock

    Download Halo 3 Beta Unlock

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    This is one of those things that has been done for a bit, but I guess I never released.. you guys can have it..

    By Xenon.7(DeToX)

    H3B Unlocker, an internal version of the Halo 3 Beta Map Loader by Xenon.7 and Anthony, for non-dev use.

    This tool takes a clean, retail "default.xex" from Halo 3 Beta and will output 3 modified XEXs.

    Launching one of these XEX's will force a map to load when you go to the main menu and click "Quit to Dashboard", allowing you to improperly play the beta again. Note, since it forces a map to load, you are playing local, on a temporary profile, on the gametype Assault, until the timer runs out, then you can restart the XEX.. This patch is mainly for testing purposes and some modification testing.

    -Load a map when clicking "Quit to Dashboard" in the mainmenu.
    -Removed intro videos for faster loading.
    -Removed .map file checks to make modding of content possible.
    -Tool will auto detect if the XEX you opened is not a clean
    one, and will not proceed if it isn't, unless specified.

    To Do

    -Proper unlock eventually that makes the beta think it did not
    expire and unlocked custom games menu to select any map,
    gametype, etc.

    -Open "H3B Unlock.exe", open up a clean XEX from Halo 3 Beta, and specify which folder to output the modded executables to.
    -Click apply patches.

    IMPORTANT: It's also been reported you should use xextool for all 4 .dll files in the game. Otherwise the game MAY freeze on launch or give an error message upon launching.

    -xorloser, for his xextool.
    -xbox7887, map force load talk.

    Happy modding!
    ~Be sure to visit Rework3d.com for Halo modding help and details, and please give credit where credit is due.

    Note: Little to no testing with the tool to apply the patches, but the patches themselves work. Enjoy.

    Source code for patch to see how it was done:
    http://xenon7.net/fi... ... ed_src.txt

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