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    • Submitted: Nov 04 2009 07:37 PM
    • Last Updated: Nov 04 2009 07:37 PM
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    • Author: Xbox-HQ
    • Version: v2.01

    Download Xbox-HQ PC Essentials

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    This is a compilation of various Xbox programs used to either transfer or manipulate files for your Xbox. With these programs you should be able to correct long filenames before FTP'ing to your Xbox, transfer ISO images to your Xbox (even if they are still in RAR format), manipulate BIOS files (for both Modchips and BFM loaders), transfer downloaded Xbox Game Saves to either an Action Replay, Gameshark, or Mega X-Key (homemade USB Stick also when using the Mega X-Key software), plus more.

    Differences between 2.0 and 2.01

    • Both NTSC and PAL versions of Action Replay are now included.
    • Xbox GameShark (aka Xbox Gamesaves) has been added.
    • XBox Game Save Re-signer has been added.

    What's included? / What does it do?

    • Action Replay 1.31: Along with the Action Replay Hardware, you can use this program to transfer gamesaves to your memory card. Both NTSC and PAL versions included.
    • baRenameX 0.99a: Allows you to edit filenames via batch mode. It asks you to open a folder with your files, then will edit them according to the settings you select.
    • C-Xbox Tool 2.0.6: This program will let you create and extract Xbox ISOs on both your PC and Xbox. Probably one of the most flexible Xbox tools ever created.
    • EVtool 1.0.9: Use this to edit your Evox BIOS, both modchip and BFM versions included.
    • IND-Bios Config App Use this to edit your iND BIOS.
    • Mega X-Key 2.3: Along with a Mega X-Key (or homemade USB Stick) this can assist in transfering gamesaves to your Xbox.
    • Qwix 1.01: This prorgam can extract and create ISOs both on and from the PC or Xbox.
    • SUXX 1.02: You can use this to extract Rarred ISOs to your Xbox.
    • Virtual Xbox CD Ripper Transfers music from your PC to your Xbox Soundtracks.
    • XBox Game Save Re-signer 0.05: This re-signs gamesaves to work with other Xboxes.
    • Xbox GameShark 1.0: This program is used to transfer gameshark gamesaves to a memory card. This also works on Action Replay hardware if you install both the Gameshark and Action Replay Drivers.
    • Xbox Saves Manager 4.5: This program allows you to backup and delete your gamesaves on your Xbox to PC.
    • XBtool 1.0.23a: Use this to edit your X2 BIOS, both modchip and BFM versions included. Please note this works only up to X2 4981.

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