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    New Xbox 360

    These have surfaced on the Xbox 360 facebook page. I don't know who owns that page, but with 900k likes I'm inclined to think its real.

    Here are some mockups of the new console

    Source: http://www.facebook.com/MsXbox360/posts/259084984144213


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    Looks awkward lol
    What the heck, it can't be real. Sure it looks realistic, especially with the light thing on the 'on' button. But the design is just worthless. The current design on consoles is, almost obvious, that it's trying to look as slim as possible. And this 'xbox' sure doesn't look slim... The whole thing doesn't make any sense when I think about it... KILL IT. D:
    Crapily modeled, the USB ports aren't protected doesn't seem like ms would do that, and the whole design, is ugly, it's big, it's larger than the slim, witch wouldn't make sense. nuff
    Fuck it...I'm bumping this.

    This is about as real as Pam Anderson's tits.
    I do not approve of this.