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    In Topic: Halo 2 Invisible MapPack by Mayor

    27 January 2017 - 08:23 PM

    I don't have whatever this pack is. The only "cheating" mappack I found on my old drive is this one.


    Attached File  D0NTTCARES MAPAPCK(s) SPECIAL EDITION.zip   24.58MB   82 downloads


    "Well its me D0NTTCARE, and im back with more mods, I noticed i needed to update some things so that is what i did.

    These are of coarse spawn mods, i will not post discriptions of every map due to the post legnth. Anyways this time
    i really went ALL OUT, i have edited some changes with my mainmenu, added more stuff to my mainmenu, and i also
    added its own game varients, which you can see in the pictures, i have added these varients so they will work in MM, when
    you are host, and everyone in the game can see them, ex Team Slayer is now, ~T-S~, CTF, is now ~FUCK CTF~, etc.etc.
    There is also quick options added, about maybe 10-20 more of them. Now moving on to the maps, i have left all my new maps
    with the same skins, except for relic, which i completly redid due to the fact im a dumbass and locked my map, relic is no
    longer dark, it has a new skin aswell, i have added Wall Walker to all 21 maps(old and new), i have also removed death barriers for all maps,
    as well as made the banshee/vehicle barriers much much higher, so you can fly far up.Every map has its own unique skin, which most i made.
    and you will see the people who helped in the Skin Credits further down this post. I have also added in these updates MANY more projs to diffrent weapons
    and switched some stuff around,i have also made it so every weapon now reloads instantly, its still 10,000 so you can see your ammo off host, but
    when you hit x it reloads all 10,000 at once and not little by little, i have done many other updated such as add projs to more hogs on diffrent maps and
    what not, i also changed some spawn points on a few maps aswell.
    But theres just so much more, if you havnt seen any of my other mods, you might want to check them out aswell, although these are my most recently
    updated ones.For those of you who havnt seen any of my other mods and dont know what these consist of, i will fill you in, everymap is spawn mods,
    amazing for both on and off host, i have other older versions on
    many websites that you can check out, everything fully auto, everything AA everything sick, all maps that include a banshee off host, now
    have it so the banshee shoots out banshee bombs off host, which is amazing for btb spawn raping off host, on your host elites can fly, on ascension, relic, gemini
    and a few other of the larger maps, every other map elites can superjump on, please when your useing my mods be a spartan, the elite is
    disigned for people who arnt modding, non modders can fly the hog from the side seat, yada,yada,yada.
    everything here you can use in MM."

    Anyways here are my New Maps/Old Maps/MainMenu

    I hope you like these,




    This is from 2006. The grammar is interesting.

    In Topic: Site Registration

    06 June 2016 - 06:09 AM

    Yep, almost like 3-4 years with registrations turned off.

    In Topic: Site Registration

    05 May 2016 - 08:19 PM

    Only 2 months late to respond lol. Was writing a blog about this site, so figured I'd drop by and check it out. Opening up registrations is just asking for a spam wave. I don't pay for AntiSpam or the software anymore and manually patch any security problem. With that in mind any chance for new accounts to register is just asking for trouble.

    I already opened up everything to unregistered users. They just can't post.

    In Topic: It's been awhile

    17 February 2016 - 07:01 PM

    iBotModz lives on the same server as some personal and non-personal websites. IBM takes up next to nothing on my server these days. Disk space is easy to get and we don't have a large abundant of attachments - only like 2.2gb. So thats really the only reason it is still up.

    It hasn't been a burden to manage, since I disabled user registration (to prevent spam), and there has only been like 4 security patches to make in 3 years. However, IPB 3.x is EOL`d in April of 2017 so that poses a problem. Will cross that bridge later.

    Glad to see people coming back just to see if the site is around.