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    Creating patch_v3.lvl FIles

    halo 2 dlc modding xbox maps patch patch_v3 patch_v3.lvl new tutorial

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    Posted 29 March 2015 - 05:08 PM

    Things you’ll need:

    • My Patch Editor
    • A New Map with its own scenario path (I will be using Long Night)


    Step 1


    For simplicity, create a new directory for your current work and place your map file inside of it.



    Step 2


    Open my patch editor and select File, then New Patch.



    Step 3


    Name your new patch "patch_v3.lvl”, and save it in the directory with your map.



    You should now have an empty patch_v3.lvl file with your map.



    Step 4


    When you have your patch open (it will show the patch name at the top of the window if you have one open), select where it says “patch_v3” on the treeview, and select “New Map Slot”



    Step 5


    Select the new map slot in the treeview, then click the “…” button. Select your map with the open file dialog that opens.



    Step 6


    Correct any information on the map slot that you’d like. Name and Description is what will be show on the map picker menu. Also, choose a map slot; this is just like modding them into the main menu. Then click “Save & Sign”.



    You can repeat steps 4 - 6 to add more maps to your patch_v3.




    You now have a signed patch_v3. You must reapply the map data if you modify the map so that the patch has the correct signature for the map.


    Additional Information:

    I couldn't find the source code for Entity UE, and was unable to add in the features remove slot and new patch because of this. I decompiled Entity UE so that I could make this standalone patch editor with these features. To whoever created Entity UE's patch editor, I hope you forgive me for decompiling your work without your permission, if I knew how to contact you I would have.


    More Halo 2 stuff to come!